Strike up a conversation with Chicago´s statues

Chicago Bean

Have you ever wondered what stories Chicago’s statues could tell if they could talk? Guess what? They do! To hear their stories all you need is a QR code.

Chicago is a city world-famous for its art, with hundreds of statues and art installations spread throughout the Windy City. Now, thanks to a little bit of modern technology, 30 of them can finally have their voices heard through Statue Stories Chicago. You can easily find your way to them with our map at the bottom of this post.

Drama, humor and location technology

Even though the way these sculptures come to life may seem like magic, the technology behind it is far from supernatural. By scanning a QR-code, on a placard by the statues, or swiping your smartphone on a tag you’ll receive a “call back” from the statue. Through drama, humor and location technology, Statue Stories Chicago breathe new life into the city’s marvelous public art collection. Enjoying the sight of the statues is free, and so is receiving a call. Only network charges apply. Which is quite the good deal if you’re receiving a call from the faraway land of Oz or the 1800’s!

The talking statues range from iconic and legendary The Bean, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin to the Cowardly Lion or the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. Brought to life by a team of actors, almost as star-studded as the statues themselves, these bronze and stone creatures are sure to leave you feeling amazed. Who wouldn’t want to hear the tales and thoughts of Abraham Lincoln as told by John C. Reilly, or The Bean as voiced by David Schwimmer? Or hear The Picasso wonder about who or what she really is:

What am I? A mouthless untitled. Do I guard something? That building behind me? Same color as me, color of an old belt. Filled with courts and legal dealings. A sort of monster in other words. Maybe we’re related? No. I am unique in my mystery.

- The Picasso

First in the U.S. 

Famous actors, writers and theatres have banded together to give voice to the many iconic statues that are scattered around Chicago. The great city is the first in America to bring its statues to life, but the masterminds of the project, Sing London, have already completed two projects like this one in the UK. They were tasked with breathing life into the statues, in a project funded by The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation.

With the Chicago Park District and the city’s leading theatres on their team, captivating monologues were created. Actors from studios such as world-famous The Second City and make good use of their skills to give a sizzling array of emotions and life to the statues.

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