Summer in Glorious Georgia

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The summer has finally come, and you catch yourself planning your long awaited trip to Georgia - that strange yet lovely country you heard so much about.

Delicious cuisine, flamboyant people, scenic nature, feel of history and sprawling nightlife – Georgia offers a refreshing, one-of-a-kind experience. Yet, for those unfamiliar with the country, in order to make best of summer getaway, there are several bits of knowledge to benefit from:

Enjoy the Seaside

Contrary to popular opinion, seaside gem Batumi is a lot better place throughout late May through June. If you prefer a serene promenade blooming with a late spring colors to a crowded beach and endless honk sounds, stay away from the city throughout its high season. Early summer is when Batumi is its greenest, freshest, the most pleasant and not too many people/car crammed self. Early summer is when Batumi sizzles as an authentic melting pot of cultures and traditions with forgiving temperatures and breezy air. Not to mention that the prices, though still swollen, retain traces of decency before exploding in major blast with the start of the high season.

Despite all this, lovers of active nightlife and lively atmosphere should head towards the seaside in late summer, as the period is ripe for late night beach parties and festivals of all kinds.

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Get Around Easier

Many people are not familiar with just how much the Georgian Transportation infrastructure has improved over the years. Whereas 10 years ago one would hardly imagine any other means of travel apart from a struggling motor vehicle on a rugged road, today’s transportation opportunities range from a helicopter trip to Svaneti peaks to a comfortable high-speed train ride across the country, not to mention the availability of excellent highway routes to top country destinations.

To revel in the Black Sea waves in Summer, one needs to book $15 high-speed train ride from Tbilisi to Batumi, which, along with all modern day travel niceties including wi-fi and a complimentary bottle of still water, is equipped with everything necessary to make sure your 5 hour trip’s a pleasant one.

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Experience Summer Festivals and Activities

Tbilisi in summer months is sprawling with outdoor cafes, rooftop bars and open-air music festivals. A recent trend of pop-up flea markets is very hot among the younger culturally aware, expats and tourists as a fun gathering occasion offering performances of various kinds, food stalls and local handmade bric-a-brac.

As the temperatures reach especially high volumes from mid-July to mid-August, submerging one’s body in somewhere cool becomes a top priority. It is not widely known that inside the capital one can find “Tbilisi Sea” - a water reservoir, an artificial lake that serves as a terrific spot for swimming, water sports activities and just lying around under the sun. A noteworthy family recreational place is also “Gino Paradise, a giant water complex bordering “Tbilisi Sea”.

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Don't Miss Svaneti

For lovers of hiking and wilderness, the best routes become accessible is summer, particularly months of July and August. Svaneti offers spectacular natural scenery, complete with gorgeous views of Caucasus Mountains, lush green landscapes and indigenous architecture. In order to have a transcending mountain experience and escape the hot sun of the capital, head towards the mountains!

visit Georgia - view to beautiful mountains with a few houses at the front.

Foodie Adventures Await

If you are a foodie, make sure to visit modern Georgian Fusion restaurants that are currently gaining momentum in the country. Good traditional restaurants serving various sorts of khachapuri and khinkali are surely glorious, but in they have their shortcomings – food that is delicious but too heavy for frequent consumption. Lighter, fresher and healthier dining alternatives are available at modern Georgian Fusion restaurants like Azarphesha, Shavi Lomi, Leila etc. in Tbilisi, Fanfan in Batumi and Marletta in Kakheti. These venues are tastefully authentic in their interior design and food selection and serve tasty local dishes that constitute creative mix of old and new.

Creative mix of old and new – indeed, this is what the best of Georgia is made of. Have a wonderful trip!

visit Georgia - exterior of a restaurant, tables and chairs in front of the restaurants, sunset.

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