Summer Recipes from Rome

Summer is coming and with it a lot more exciting dishes you can cook! The expert team of Radisson Blu GHR Hotel, Rome has prepared 3 easy recipes perfect for the warmer seasons that you can prepare in your own kitchen or order when you do visit us in Italy. Ready? Read on and surprise your friends and family with these simple recipes!

1. Prawns

Who doesn’t love prawns? Gather all the ingredients below and get ready to serve!

- 4 red prawns from Mazara del Vallo
- 1 avocado
- Micro watercress
- Micro basil
- Black dehydrated olives
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Raw whole salt

Wash and clean the prawns, then eviscerate them and season them with extra virgin olive oil and salt, then keep aside. With the help of a corer, make 5-6 avocado balls, grease them with extra virgin olive oil to prevent them from oxidizing, then keep aside. Put the olives in a dryer (60° for 3 hours) and then blend them until you obtain a powder, then keep aside. As a last step, compose the dish by alternating the prawns with avocado balls. With a fine-knit pass, sprinkle everything with the black olive powder, then decorate with the micro watercress and micro basil.


2. Salmon pie

A healthy yet tasty recipe, easy to make and perfect for summer season!

- 200 gr fresh salmon
- 50 gr sea salt
- 50 gr cane sugar
- Lemon and orange zest
- Greek yogurt
- 20 gr fresh spinach
- 4/5 pieces of caper flower
- Pomegranate

Marinate the salmon with salt, sugar, lemon and orange zest for at least 1 hour. Rinse to get rid of the marinate excess, dry it and keep aside. Cut the salmon into thin slices, then line a stamp with salmon, yogurt and spinach dip until you obtain a salmon pie. Compose the dish placing the rest of the spinach and the salmon pie at the base. Decorate with capers and pomegranate.


3. Prawns with curry

An Indian twist to a traditional Mediterranean dish, prawns with curry will be a tasty addition to your summer nights and everyone’s new favorite dish!

- 180 gr Mediterranean prawns
- Cumin
- Paprika
- Clove
- Indian curry
- Lime (juice and peel)

Wash and clean the prawns, then eviscerate them. Marinate them with lime and spices for at least 30 minutes. Put the prawns in a non-stick pan, brown them for 2 minutes per side and simmer with lime juice. Now you’re ready to prepare the dish and serve it!


If you're looking for more traditional recipes from the Roman cuisine, make sure you read our Traditional Recipes from Rome blog to learn everything you need to know about 3 of the most famous past dishes! After you've tried your culinary skills, make sure to share your creations with us on Instagram by using #RadissonBlu.


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