The Chinese Super Breakfast: from camel´s milk to snail noodles

Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing Sha Ping Ba Sichuan noodles Chinese breakfast

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but it also represents the culture of the locale. Across China, from Kashgar to Wuxi each town has its own unique breakfast spread that reflects their unique traditions and customs. From soybean milk to noodles or deep-fried dough sticks, read on to discover the delicious delicacies that you can find around China with Radisson Blu's Super Breakfast.

Breakfast in Kashgar

Kashgar is the epicenter of regional trade and cultural exchange located in the far west of China. Due to its location as well as the history of the city, the Uyghur culture, Turkic customs, as well as Eurasian features influence Kashgar’s culture. Uyghur people, or otherwise known as the Taranchi, favor steam flour food, teas, mutton, and beef. However, a unique delicacy that is available in Kashgar is camel milk. In Kashgar, camel milk is common among the locals as it is known to enhance the body’s immune system and helps to prevent anemia and diabetes. This unique beverage is available at the Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar. So why not experience Kashgar’s unique breakfast and start the day by sipping a glass of camel milk at Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar?

Lotus Restaurant Interior Radisson Blu Hotel Kashgar

Breakfast in Chongqing

As we continue our breakfast journey across China, we move on to a modern port city that is also known as 'Mountain City': Chongqing. Chongqing is located within the Sichuan province and is the largest municipality city in Southwest China. The city is known to present irresistible and nutritious cuisines that have a distinctly spicy and pungent flavor. One of the dishes that is a representation of Chongqing is the 'Hot and Sour Rice Noodles'. It is a dish that is popular among the locals as a breakfast food as well as a snack. It is a must-try for anyone visiting Chongqing, and guests can have a taste when they stay at Radisson Blu Plaza Chongqing.

Radisson Blu Plaza Chongqing hot and sour rice noodles

Breakfast in Liuzhou

Moving down towards the south of China in Liuzhou, Guangxi, a city known for its spectacular view of the karst landscape, caves and rivers. Many people travel to Liuzhou for its breathtaking scenery, but a trip to Liuzhou would not be complete without a taste of its cuisine! Liuzhou differentiates its cuisine from other southern Chinese food through its frequent use of noodles instead of rice in its signature dishes. The Li-River - central river system in Northeast Guangxi - influences the cuisine as their delicacies' key ingredients are actually from the river. Thus, river fish and river snails are one of the critical elements in their dishes. Adventurous? Have a taste of Liuzhou’s signature breakfast dish, 'River Snails Rice Noodles' when you stay at Radisson Blu Hotel Liuzhou.

Radisson Blu Liuzhou River snails rice noodles

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Breakfast in Shanghai

Shanghai, China’s global financial hub, is a city that is vibrant, dynamic and exposed to international cultures. However, despite the manifestation of the western culture, their Chinese roots are still deeply ingrained in the cuisine. Shanghai dishes are rich in soy sauce and sugar, so the foods taste fresh and sweet. These delicacies are stir fried, steamed or deep-fried which creates dishes with a richness in flavor. The Shanghainese tend to eat breakfast on the go, hence their breakfast menu is usually bite size and easy to carry.

 A Chinese breakfast item that is packed with flavor is savory Chinese crepes and rice rolls accompanied by soya milk and deep-fried dough sticks. They are usually eaten on the go, but there are places where the locals will sit down for breakfast, like at Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World.

And a Shanghainese breakfast would not be complete without a simple fried bun that is popular among the locals as well as a snack. The fried bun has soft skin and a crispy underside that is usually filled with meat. Taste this simple delicacy when you stay at Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai Hong Quan.

Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai Hong Quan plain bun

Finally, the Shanghainese also enjoy a filling breakfast consisting of noodles, scallions, oil and not to forget, the city’s favorite ingredient: soya sauce. This simple yet delicious dish is available during breakfast hour at Radisson Blu Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao.

Radisson Blu Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao noodles

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Breakfast in Wuxi

Our last city on our breakfast tour embodies the beauty of China through the landscape of the Yangtze River, Taihu Lake, and the Grand Canal: Wuxi. Wuxi’s cuisine or 'Huiyang' cuisine is influenced by the Wuyue and Yangtze river. Dishes are identified with foods that are crisp, tender, light, and fresh in flavor. Most locals start their day with uncongealed tofu. At the Radisson Blu Resort Wetland Park Wuxi, this fresh delicacy is served during breakfast in both sweet and savory options with chili oil or pickled mustard dressing.

Wuxi sunset lake view

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Wherever your travels take you in China, you'll always be able to truly experience the locale through Radisson Blu's Super Breakfast!

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