Surf the cultural waves of Biarritz

Are you Biarritz bound and looking for a cultural refill? Then look no further, check out one of these great events and sights to feel both inspired and enlightened when in this French city.

Biarritz has been the playground for the upper class, as well as surfers for decades, but there is far more to this charming coastal city in the Bay of Biscay. Whether you’re looking to explore exotic art or see world-class athletes in action, Biarritz is the place to be.

From chocolate to the Himalayas

India, China and Tibet and their cultures have always attracted the attention of Europeans, but few can spare the time to visit these countries. Luckily, the Asiatica Oriental Art Museum takes you on a journey through these Asian destinations with impressive displays of statues, porcelain, Buddhas and ivory carvings. To learn more while enjoying this astonishing art, listen to the audio tour or read the placards, both available in several languages. If you can’t travel to the Himalayas and Asia yourself, then Asiatica is the next best thing when in Biarritz. And the best thing is that it’s completely free for children under 8 years.

Got a sweet tooth? Then Planète Musée du Chocolate is a must! Delve deeper into the world of chocolate and take a bite of its rich history in this museum. Located in the historical manufacturing workshops of Chocolaterie Henriet and spread over a grand total of 600mm², any chocolate-lover is sure to settle their cravings for both knowledge and sweets at this museum. You can take a closer look at how chocolate is made at the factory and enjoy the English-language tour of the facility, and of course sample the product itself.

Meet the best brains behind European television

Anyone who appreciates television and video is sure to fall in love with FIPA, the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, which has been held since 1987. It is a platform for discovery, as well as debate, and they aim to shine a spotlight on innovative original programs that are “outside the box”. It is a great opportunity to meet professionals, directors, viewers and students while discovering the year’s best programs at the same time.

Surfing a wave of festivals

Biarritz might be known as a playground for the rich and famous but is also world-famous for its surf. Each year the Roxy Pro France is held in fall, just outside of the city and is part of the women’s surfing world championship. If you’re in town for this you’re in for a treat as these amazingly talented athletes tackle the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and compete for the title of world champion. The sea might be a cruel mistress but these women are far tougher and will put up quite the fight to win.

A Russian connection

You might be surprised to hear that there is a strong connection between Biarritz and Russia but it dates back to the times of Empress Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III. She invited Russian nobility to spend their summers in the city and formed a lasting relationship. In 1892, after the alliance between France and Russia, the Orthodox Church named Eglise Alexandre Newsky was erected in Biarritz and is now open to the public.

Biarritz truly has a lot to offer for its visitors wanting to broaden their horizons, satisfy their chocolate cravings or spectate at world-class events. If you want more great tips on what to see and do, check out Eusko Guide’s Biarritz Travel Guide. Stay in the heart of the city at Radisson Blu Hotel, Biarritz where you’ll spend your nights at an oceanfront location and see for yourself what makes Biarritz such a top destination.

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