Your Guide to Surfing in Taghazout

Most people wouldn’t automatically connect Morocco with surfing. But those who regularly ride barrels will tell you that Taghazout – a little seaside village on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco – should be top of every surfer’s bucket list.

Taghazout became a hot spot for surfers in the 1960s when free-spirited artists, musicians and writers moved into the area during the Hippy movement; it wasn’t long the fishing village became surfer’s paradise – its glorious shoreline decorated with long golden beaches, rugged cliffs, and delicious turquoise waters made it a utopia for surfers. Today Taghazout is a beautiful blend of rustic blue and whitewashed houses, vegan cafes, coffee shops, tiny stalls selling handmade carpets, and a chilled vibe where visitors can come forget their worries.

Radisson Blu Resort, Taghazout Bay Surf Village is idyllically situated in the heart of the eco-friendly village of Taghazout and within walking distance of the best surf spots in Morocco. Guests have a choice of staying in luxurious rooms, bungalows or cabanas. When it comes to activities, the resort boasts a beach volleyball court, fully equipped gym, and spa facilities; as well as plush daybeds and pool loungers by the pool, where guests can laze back while enjoying a cocktail from the bar. Riding the waves at Radisson Blu Resort, Taghazout Bay Surf Village is a must-try as the renowned surf academies located within the resort have courses for beginners as well as advanced surfers.

Level Up On The Surf

Taghazout offers surfing opportunities for all levels – from those who are only comfortable splashing in the shallow waters to those who consider themselves pro-level. Here, we have listed a few of them for you to consider.

Beginners To Intermediate Spots

Devil’s Rock: contrary to its name, Devil’s Rock is heaven-sent for beginner surfers. It’s a beach break area with a sandy bottom, making it ideal for a chilled surfer. It’s also worth noting is that Devil’s Rock is one of the most popular spots for beginners, so one can learn to surf with enough company around.

Crocodile or “Crocs” Beach: rest assured, there are no crocodiles here! This beach got its name due to the northern headline that is in the shape of a giant crocodile lying down. Its glorious long beach break is best-enjoyed mid-tide to high-tide and is where beginner surfers can improve their technique.

Banana Beach: long-boarders often head here to hone their skills. But Banana Beach is not exclusive for long-boarders. It offers swells of all sizes which brings with it some fun peaks for beginners to intermediate surfers – it is, after all, one of the most popular spots where many surfers learned how to master their skill.

K17 Beach :you will need some transport to get here, but the effort will be worth it – it’s a little quieter and calmer. It’s exactly for that reason that many surf schools will head here if the other beaches get too crowded.

Advanced Surfing Spots

Anchor Point: this is THE spot most surfers will talk about when they talk about why Taghazout is on their bucket list – it was first surfed by Australians who visited Morocco in the 1960s. Today, it offers a world-class right-hand point break, which becomes even more epic when there’s a strong northwest swell.

Killers Point: killers is known for delivering some of the most memorable rides but does require a bit of trek down the cliff face to the beach followed by a paddle out. This famous point break is named after the pod of Killer Whales that occasionally visit. During low tide with small swells, the peak in front of the cliffs will provide a short left. When the swell picks up, vertical walls roll down the point, delivering barrels and hard sections.

Imsouane: Imsouane is located an hour and a half from Taghazout, and is home to the longest wave in Morocco and offers surf all year round with endless rolling Atlantic swells. It is also less crowded than Taghazout. So, get up early and beat the crowds the smartest way.

Get Into Gear

For those traveling by plane and who might be visiting other cities in Morocco before or after a visit to Taghazout, it makes more sense to hire your surfing gear in Taghazout than lug a board with you. And, fortunately, there are plenty of options!

The Surf Maroc Shop, The Almugar Surf Shop, Surf Berbere and Mint Surf Morocco all have good reputations and reviews with surfers from around the world who has visited Taghazout, and have a variety of boards, and packages available depending on your needs.

Surf Season

Taghazout’s surf season is perfectly timed against Europe’s freezing winter – anywhere between September and April, you’ll be able to surf the turquoise waters while bronzing your body under the Moroccan sun. Keep in mind, though, that it’s also winter season in Morocco – while daytime temperatures are far more pleasant at mid-20 degrees Celsius, don’t forget to pack or rent a wetsuit as the Atlantic swells bring cooler water, and bring something warm for the evenings.


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