Surfing the shores of Biarritz: Interview with a local

Catch a break and surf it up in Biarritz. We interviewed a local surfer, Mathieu and he tells us why this Basque beach is the best and why all should give surfing a go!

Biarritz is a little snippet of surfing paradise, cut into the southwest coast of France. Promising a crossover of French and Basque cultures with that relaxed ocean front feel, this city has all you need for your next vacation. There is a strong surfing scene here and the city invites you to give it a go regardless if you are a first timer or seasoned pro. So why Biarritz and why surf? We found a local surfer, Mathieu from Biarritz Paradise Surf School and got some insight into why everyone should jump on a board and paddle out to the breaks.

Learning to Surf with our local, Mathieu

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Q. What makes Biarritz the best place to surf?

  1. It is here, in Europe that surfing started, they had a lot of professional contests and the surf legend Tom Curren (3 times world champion) lived here for a few years. He was even married with a girl from Biarritz. Plus, the beaches are amazing.

Q. Why did you start surfing and why do you love it?

  1. I started getting in the water because I was born here and began body boarding. I body boarded for a few years and after I tried surfing and it was amazing. I stopped body boarding to surf. If you try it, you will never want to stop which is why there is more and more people in the water. When you surf, it feels like you are flying.

Q. What does a typical day at your surfing school look like?

  1. After a good breakfast, you do a bit of stretching (yoga) before getting in the water. When you are on the board, you share a particular moment with the others in the water. After being in the water, you are sure to get hungry so you eat some homemade pies for a snack just next to the school. Afterwards you are tired so you sleep on the beach and when you wake up you are full of energy again so you get back into the water. At the end of the day, you finish with a beer while watching the sunset.

Q. Can you give us 3 reasons why everyone should try surfing?

  1. Because once you try, you will want to surf all the time
  2. To be in contact with Mother Nature
  3. To feel something you never get to feel elsewhere

Give it a go with Biarritz Paradise Surf School

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If heading to this beachfront wonder on vacation, you can’t leave without giving surfing a go. If you have never tried the sport before, then let the locals teach you. All you need is a towel and a good bathing suit and the school will supply the rest. You can book a short class to refresh your skills or beginners can get intensive or standard week packages to make sure they get standing.

BP 1 - EN - BIQZH - Biarritz surf school man doing a flip on the wave

When getting ready to surf it up in Biarritz, be sure to choose a comfy bed to rest your head. Radisson Blu Hotel, Biarritz has wonderful stylish, air-conditioned rooms to cool off your sun-kissed skin after a day of salt and sand.

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