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Surfers on Sola Strand beach Stavanger

Sandy beaches and glitzing water might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Norway. But in Stavanger, the conditions are fantastic for an active holiday among the waves. Surfing in Stavanger, have you ever tried? Breathtaking coastal scenery waits your visit to the Stavanger region. Whether you want to get the adrenaline pumping with a surf in the waves or prefer a calm paddle along a tranquil fjord. The best thing is that the watersports season here lasts all year round.

Catch the waves

September kicks off the high season for experienced Norwegian surfers. So if you want to explore the very best conditions that the North Sea has to offer, start planning your trip to Stavanger. Only a 15 minute drive outside the city lies Jæren. There is a good selection of beaches, optimal for surfers of every caliber. The beaches Solastranden, Sele and Bore are ideal places to start for beginners, especially in the summer months when the water is warmer and the waves are not to high.

If this is not your first time catching the waves then you should definitely aim for the winter months. This is the time when the waves offer more of a challenge. Local surfers and surf shops will provide you with tips for the best spots and conditions. If you don’t want to bring your own surfboard then contact Surfschool to rent one. They can also provide surf classes and sessions with a private instructor.

Control the kite

Another fantastic way to experience the Norwegian shoreline is by kite surfing. The sport can be described as an extreme version of surfing as you use a kite for increased propulsion in the water. If you haven’t tried it before it is highly recommend to take a class to ensure your safety and increase your chances of succeeding. The best time to practice kite surfing is during the summer months but if you’re up for it during wintertime you can always try snow kiting, a good alternative.

Sounds tempting? Contact Kitesurfing to book a weekend course or private lessons. In addition to Norwegian courses they offer instruction in English, as well as German, Spanish and Swedish. You can catch a beginners’ course all through the month of September.

 Kitesurfing in Stavanger

Explore underwater life

Surfing and kite surfing isn’t the only activity you can enjoy in the Stavanger area. There’s also an entire world under the surface just waiting to be explored. Perhaps surprisingly to many, the depths of the Norwegian archipelago are just as interesting to explore as that in the more southerly parts of the world.

The options here are many, whether it’s your first time wearing a diving mask or you’re a veteran among the fish. Jæren Dykkesenter offer beginners’ courses, while the more experienced can join Stavanger Dykkerklubb on one of their trips to Lysefjorden, Jæren and several wrecks. If you already have a scuba diving certificate, challenge yourself with a course in underwater hunting, arranged by Frivannsliv. After eight hours of theory, practice and an exam, you’ll be able to hunt fish properly on your own.

Glide through the water

Maybe you prefer staying on the surface, rather than diving into it? If so, choose kayaking or canoeing, offering you the possibility of exploring beautiful surroundings in an intimate way. Take to the fjords and experience the famous mountain plateau of Preikestolen from another point of view. Preikestolen Mountain Lodge offers a guided trip in calm water, surrounded by breath taking nature and no boat traffic. Tours are for adults and kids over 12 years old. Alternatively, attend a beginners’ course or rent a kayak and head out on your own little adventure.

Whatever your preference, skill or adrenaline-seeking level is, Stavanger and the surrounding area is perfect for an active holiday by the magnificent Norwegian coast and the fjords with beautiful beaches. Stay in the heart of the city at Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger, a convenient starting point for numerous excursions around the region.

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