Surprising Madrid #1: el Mercado de Motores

If there is one place in the Spanish capital that the Madrilenians like to keep secret, it is the Mercado de Motores! Indeed, certain that it would be much more crowded if it was famous, locals make sure not to advertise it too much.

Every second weekend of the month, in the middle of a historical railway station, the coolest flea market of Madrid takes place.

Happily set-up between Orient Express wagons or huge retro locomotives, this Mercado celebrates vintage as well as young designers. You can expect to find all sorts of charms and objects here, from handmade jewellery and furniture to organic products or trendy bicycles.




Just outside, food trucks serve burgers or Peruvian delicacies among stands from individuals. The whole experience wouldn’t be complete without a nice background music, which is why live Latin concerts and laughter of children laughter playing on a miniature train completes the picture. In short this place truly represents the art of Madrid living in all its glory.




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