A Table for One in Trondheim

Here is a useful guide if you're looking for a good place to go out alone in Trondheim, whether it's with a book, a computer or newspaper.

There might be many reasons why someone would like a table for one. Maybe you're in town for business, and looking for a quick bite to eat and to catch up on some work. Or perhaps you just want to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee while waiting for a friend. Whatever the reason might be, Trondheim has a lot of cosy coffee houses and restaurants perfect for some quiet time, where nobody looks strangely at you for being alone.

Here are some suggestions:

Dromedar kaffebar – Nedre Bakklandet 77

You can find Dromedar kaffebar in several places in the city. Although they all serve the same coffee, this cosy little coffee bar next to the river, with its small tables and window seats, are ideal for solitude.  Find yourself a little corner and order some of Trondheim's finest blends of coffee. Dromedar are quite good at changing their menu according to season, so you'll always find a new coffee with tastes like raspberry, liquorice, chilli or mint.

Antikvariatet – Nedre Bakklandet 4

Antikvariatet is both an old fashioned book store and a coffee shop with an idyllic location next to the river and the old town bridge. At the far back of the building you find the book bar. Row upon row with books to buy or read makes the perfect backdrop for a pleasant evening of reading with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer from their diverse collection. This is also the place for some of Trondheim's alternative theatrical plays, readings or other happenings. If you're lucky, you might experience something new and exciting during your next visit.

The café part of Antikvariatet might give you somewhat of an exotic Norwegian experience. Here you can always find a food menu with typical Norwegian platters. These include cured meats, scrambled eggs, flat bread, different kinds of cheese and sour cream. And don't forget to try out the rhubarb pie and cream with your coffee.

Café Løkka – Dokkgata 8

This charming themed restaurant strives to give you the genuine 50s retro feeling. During summertime you can relax outside Café Løkka, taking in the stunning river views. Inside you find old-fashioned booth and sofas perfect for reading your newspaper. A lot of people go here alone in the daytime, to study, read or work on their laptop. The atmosphere is relaxing with music in the back ground and laidback, pleasant staff. The menu includes burgers, nachos, milkshakes, coffee and beer. If you're here during summer, you might like to try the bucket of shrimps. You can sit out in the sun, peel the shrimps and just enjoy the Norwegian summer feeling.

Café Ni Muser – Bispegata 9

This authentic art café is the perfect place to go if you want to get something to eat while catching up on some work or check emails. The walls are always covered in beautiful and intriguing art. Homemade cakes and focaccia bread are baked in-house every morning and their vegetarian quiche is to die for. A lot of customers are actually here to unwind alone. Just make sure you find a seat at one of the smallest tables, so you don't suddenly need to share with a big group of chatty guests.

BrukBar & SUPA klubb – Kongens gate 19

Close to the city centre square you find this little colourful place. It works as a restaurant or coffee place during the daytime, and transforms into a bar and club in the evenings. If you want some alone time it is obviously best to go here during the day. You can choose between sitting on bar stools, different lounges or old fashioned sofas and chairs. The menu consists of different breakfast plates, small dishes and varying ‘today’s specials’. It is quite a cosy place to sink into a couch with your favourite book, and a cup of coffee with a slice of heavenly 'Devil's Food Cake' next to it.

Café Gjest Baardsen in the Library – Kongens gate 2

This café is situated in the local library, so of course it is a good place to read. It also gives you some of the tastiest freshly baked buns in Trondheim. The café is covered in wall-to-wall paintings inspired by six local artists, each one with its own unique history. The library coffee shop also has a very unique bookshelf, where you can leave old books, and take a new one for free.

Ila Brainnstasjon – Ilevollen 32 B

Just a 20 minute walk from Trondheim city centre, you find this small unique cultural coffee shop. The tram and bus stops just outside next to Ilaparken, a perfect park to bring your take away coffee and enjoy the sun.  Ila Brainnstasjon serves light hot and cold dishes, coffee, tea and beer. They have a small stage with free concerts. Every Sunday for instance, they arrange a ‘Jazz café’. They also have several bookshelves with books you can take home for free, and again the walls are all covered with local art. If it's warm you can sit outside in a charming backyard.

In addition to different coffee houses and restaurants, Trondheim also offers a lot of parks, benches and promenades. Bring coffee or hot chocolate with you on a stroll around the riverbank or enjoy the astonishing view from the fortress, Kristiansten Festning. If you walk from Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim over the bridge to Solsiden, you also find several different restaurants with lunch menus suitable for one.

Have you any recommendations on best places to go out alone in Trondheim?

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