Take A Bite Out of Pancake Week in Ukraine

Masnycya, Maslyanycya, Syropust or Kolodiy – all these words are the name of one holiday which is celebrated in honor of the start of Spring.

In the old days this festival was the beginning of a new cycle of courtship and searching couples for procreation. Masnycya 2016 runs from 7 to 13 March. All week you can enjoy delicious pancakes and attend festivals that say wish winter a fond farewell.

This is the last week before Lent and besides celebrating with dancing and food, Ukrainian men must obey women and answer to their every whim.

Forgiveness Sunday is the last day of Masnycya week. On this day, Ukrainians apologize to their family and friends for all any troubles or concerns they might have brought to them. Also on Sunday, people burn a scarecrow - a symbol of winter - to encourage spring to come as quick as possible.

The main symbol of Masnycya is pancakes.


Making pancakes originates from ancient pagan's sacrificial bread, whose circular shape signified the sun. Pancakes were baked with rye and wheat flour and a variety of different other grains - such as buckwheat, millet and oat. Usually pancakes are served butter, sour cream, honey, salted fish, herring and jam.


Many Kyiv restaurants try to introduce this traditional food to tourists as well.  You can easily find some sweet pancakes with fruits or sweet cheese in almost every dining spot. Many restaurants in Kyiv even create a special menu around the beloved pancake.

The Radisson Blu Hotels in Kyiv follow local traditions and offers delicious pancakes for any taste, starting from sweet ones with fruit fillings to the popular red caviar and salmon filling.


The executive chef of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv Podil City Centre has created a special menu for Masnycya, offering a unique variety of pancakes for guests to sample.


The Executive Chef of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv City Centre and Italian Restaurant Mille Miglia Fabrizio Righetti, has invented a perfect taste combination of Italian and local Ukrainian food. Guests of K-Largo Bar can sample pancakes with porcini, bacon and fried egg or crepes with roasted vegetables and cheddar.


For those with a sweet tooth, guests can have tender pancakes with fluffy raspberry mousse and delicious meringue.


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