Take a cruise from Rostock and discover the Baltic Sea!

Baltic cruise - view to the harbor of the Baltic sea, Rostock during sunset; pink sky.

Rostock-Warnemünde is one of the largest German ports as well as the most important cruise harbor in the Baltic Sea. It is the perfect starting point for cruises on the Baltic sea and also for overseas travelers. Getting there is easy and comfortable with the perfect connection by car via the “Autobahn” A19 as well as by train – there is an own station directly at the port.

Baltic cruise - Rockstoc´s port with ships in the Baltic sea.

Big cruise companies appreciate the central location between the most frequented artificial waterway in the world - the North Sea Canal - and the open sea towards the Nordic countries. Hence, they provide a variety of trips with great offers. Known cruise ships from AIDA Cruise, MSC, TUI Cruises or Norwegian Cruises use Rostock as a starting point and destination for excursions and discoveries all over the world. Especially popular are cruises from Rostock along the Norwegian coast with its many fjords. Roundtrips on the Baltic Sea are also very popular while guests get to know many different impressions during the journey.

In addition, Warnemünde is favored for ferry services to Denmark, Sweden and Finland with or without a car. The trip itself provides an exciting and impressive travel experience. For arriving guests, Warnemünde is the best starting point for trips to Rostock, Berlin, Hamburg or Lübeck.

Baltic cruise - a cruise ship in the Baltic sea, you can see a small boat next to the ship.

Rostock: a city with culture, history and a modern harbor - beach holiday included

If you want to explore the ports and cities of the Baltic Sea, don’t miss Rostock! Almost 800,000 cruise passengers visit this beautiful port city every year.

The change from an important trading center of the Middle Ages to a modern harbor town makes Rostock a very special one. Nowhere else can be found more architecture of the Middle Ages with its enchanting brink-line gothic than here in the historic old town. In the footsteps of German history, such as two world wars or the Soviet occupation in the post-war period, Rostock offers a wealth of impressions. Today, Rostock surprises as a modern university city with a multifaceted art scene. With the support of the Rostock University, the city offers the greatest variety of art in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Baltic cruise - Lightning Tower exterior in Rostock.

Baltic Sea beach pleasures come up on the impressive Coast Warnemunde. In addition to wonderful beaches and the world-famous northern beach baskets, there are countless possibilities to enjoy authentic North German cuisine and the sympathetic, undisturbed way of life.

Baltic cruise - view to the Rostock beach wit sunbeds.

Insider tip for ship passengers:

If you are on one of the numerous Baltic sea cruise ships which stop in Rostock, you should take a trip to the Rostock shipping museum in the IGA Park. The museum also includes the former motor ship Dresden, the traditional ship of type “Frieden”, which is here permanently anchored as a museum ship for sightseeing.

Cruise guests staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock

Whether a stopover during a sea voyage, a last night in a non-swaying bed before setting sail or to rest and resume after a long boat trip - the Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock is a popular accommodation for cruise vacationers. The central location offers guests the best options for exploring the city as well as best connections to the port facilities. Through years of experience and the unique YesICan! Service, the hotel knows exactly what old sea bears appreciate and enjoy on their gangway.

Baltic cruise - close view of Radisson Blu hotel, Rostock. Sea at the background.

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