Take to the skies of Tallinn with a balloon trip

Make the most of your holiday by joining Tallinn’s ultimate sightseeing experience. A hot air balloon trip is a truly unique way to discover this fascinating city.

If you are planning a trip to Tallinn, then make sure you see it in the most unique way possible. Climb aboard the gondola below the gigantic helium balloon and enjoy the beautiful city of Tallinn from a bird’s eye perspective, high up in the air.

Memory of a lifetime

There are various reasons why we choose to go on holiday. Often it is to relax or do something different, and sometimes it is to learn something or expand our horizons. Its also possible to combine all of these factors. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure, we all want to create lifelong memories, and try things we have never done before. Floating in a helium balloon high above Tallinn, with amazing views of the city centre, Kadriorg Park and the ocean is surely one such experience to be remembered.

The Balloon Ride

The balloon is anchored to the ground, and the gondola can easily accommodate up to 30 passengers. When it rises from the ground, you are slowly taken up a height of 120 metres, which makes it the highest open air-viewing platform in the city centre. On a day of fine weather, you can actually see more than 20 kilometres away.

This trip is suitable for any travelling companions: young couples, friends and even for families. Children love the experience and it is possible to buy a family ticket. Children under the age of seven ride free.

Is it safe?

The flight crew at Balloon Tallinn start each day with tests to determine weather conditions and flight feasibility. A test flight is performed, where the wind speed is measured all the way up to maximum height. If the crew are in doubt, the ride will be delayed until the conditions are optimal so you are always guaranteed the best experience.

The balloon is fixed to the ground with a cable that holds more than 42 tonnes. It is controlled by an electrical winch system. There are two qualified flight operators that pilot it at all times, both on board and on the ground.

Balloon Tallinn is located at the port area, between Terminal A and cruise harbour. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, there are also plenty of alternative panoramas in Tallinn. Make your way to one of the many rooftops, cafés, observation decks or towers for a splendid view.

For comfortable and modern accommodation, Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn is ideal. It is situated in the heart of the famous Old Town, perfect if you are looking to explore the city’s sights and attractions.

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