Take to the water at Yas Island

what to do in Abu Dhabi - windsurfing, man surfing in Yas Island.

There’s nothing like the feeling of frolicking in the water when the sun is scorching around you. Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, is the perfect spot for an escape when you need a break from the heat. And a visit to a beautiful island is never complete without some time spent relaxing or splashing in the water. Make sure you take advantage of all of the fabulous aquatic activities Yas Island has to offer with our guide below.

Kayaking in the mangroves

No matter what your preferred vehicle is for gliding across the water, Noukhada Adventure Company can ensure you're properly equipped and trained. Beginners can take kayaking or sailing lessons, while the more advanced can rent boats by the hour. Take your kayak for a paddle through the mangroves on a special company-led tour, which will take you along the Volker Channel, considered to be the best mangrove route. It's not unusual for tour groups to be able to get near herons or see some jellyfish along the way. For more time kayaking, check out the expedition-style overnight tour.

what to do in Abu Dhabi - a man kayaking in the water of Yas Islands.

Paddle with the dragons

If you’re visiting the island with a large group, renting a dragonboat allows everyone to paddle together. Noukhada Dragons is the newest dragonboat club in Dubai, equipped with three 20-seat boats and three 10-seat boats, which are paddled by their passengers like extra-long canoes. Club members train up to twice a week with a new full-time coach, as the club looks to develop teams for competitive dragonboat racing, but the boats are also available for rentals on a one-off basis.

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Wild, wet adventures at the park

Do you prefer some extra exhilaration with your aquatic adventures? Yas Waterworld has 45 rides and attractions – more than any other water park in the Middle East – with a range that appeals to everyone from adrenaline junkies to lazy-river enthusiasts. For a real rush, try the tornado ride Dawwama with five of your friends and family, or the Liwa Loop, the first looping waterslide in the Middle East. If a still pool is more your speed, take a small step outside your comfort zone on Yadi Yas, a ride that looks at first glance like a lazy river, but has a bit more of a kick.

what to do in Abu Dhabi - the entrance of Yas Waterfront park, Yas Island.

Explore with the wind in your sails

Those who prefer wind-powered vessels can enjoy sailing lessons, rentals and excursions from Noukhada as well. With a mix of Topper dinghies, catamarans and a few windsurfing boards, there’s a boat for every interest, style and skill level. Discover the island's beautiful wildlife on one of Noukhada’s sailing experiences, giving you the chance to catch glimpses of dolphins, ostriches, herons and flamingos while you explore the islands and channels.

what to do in Abu Dhabi - a man windsurfing in the waters of Yas Island.

Cruise with a view

After a long day in the water, you can relax and take in views of glittering Abu Dhabi from the deck of a cruise ship. The Abu Dhabi Dinner Cruise sets off in a stunning glass boat from its newest location in Yas Marina, while Capt. Tony’s has multiple options, including private romantic cruises for couples and an island getaway to a remote beach. Large groups can charter a Safwa Marine super yacht to pick you up at the Yas Marina for the private cruise of a lifetime.

Our Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island has its own swimming pool and is within walking distance of the beaches, marina, and waterpark – so even in the blazing midday heat, you're never far away from a cooling dip!

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