The best Instagram snapshots of the Beamish Living Museum


What better way to look at an attraction than through the eyes of those that love it? Check out our Instagram guide to the Beamish Museum in County Durham.

The Beamish Living Museum will send you on a whirlwind adventure to a new place faster than you can click your red ruby slippers. Step into a world your grandparents would have lived in, simple, sweet and full of hard work. This vintage city is an open-air museum filled with cool sites all deserving of your Instagram. Here are some of our favourite moments captured by the staff and guests.

The town is divided into different eras from the 1800’s through the 1900’s, meaning you can see how families lived and prepared for the First and Second World War.    

Even as the war is raging, families had to continue living, and that includes baking treats and sweets! Head into the sweets factory to see how they were made by hand. If you have an eye for sugar, then why not join one of their traditional treat making courses? (You can even wear a costume).

Come spring, the museum is filled with new editions including beautiful fluffy lambs and squeaking piglets. Look at their little faces!    

In the 1900’s Pit Village you can head to a Fried Fish Shop, a school, pony stables, chapel and the communal bread oven! Grab some scones or fresh bread and check out the miners’ cottages.

Visiting on a frosty day? The houses and stores are comfortably cosy, oozing charm.  

Living in this town probably meant you or someone in your household was working in The Colliery. Busy days mining were a thing of life and the conditions were certainly different from what we know today. Want to experience the mine? Join a tour into the shafts.

  When you have to move a lot of coal, you need transport! Come and see the steam engine chooing away along the tracks.  

At the chemist, you can find all kinds of interesting items. You are also able to dress up in period costumes and have your photo taken.

Be sure to check out all the stores and chat to the actors on the streets to learn more about living in the past.

As you walk through the streets, you will come across excellent acting! If at the museum for a special occasion, you might get to see fire-eating displays, parades and plays.

Baby Alpacas are just the best.

This attraction is the kind of place you come back too. With so much going on, including events and workshops, you can’t possibly fit it all into one trip. Bring your family, then bring your friends and then bring them all again. Each time you visit, you are sure to be as enthralled as the last.

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