Bergen´s Bryggen brings in the exciting Hanseatic Days

Hanseatic Days is an awesome international festival held in different cities around Europe. After 20 years, Bergen is once again the host of this exciting event.

In June, the city will be filled with laughter, great food and even better memories of the past. Bryggen Wharf, one of the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, will be the location for 2016’s Hanseatic Days. There are a bunch of great activities and events you should check out when joining the festival and with a room at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen, you will be right amidst the action.


Historical roots

The tradition of The Hanseatic Days began with The Hanse or Hanseatic League. This league was a collection of cities and towns by the North and Baltic Seas that came together to pursue their economic interests. Starting in 1356, and meeting for the last time in 1669, it seemed the tradition had lost significance. However, in 1980 it was revived and still runs today with the aim of cultural exchange and bringing about closer social and economic ties. So why is it worth visiting?

Step back hundreds of years

Being one of the world’s largest voluntary gatherings of its kind, there are plenty of cool things to experience. The event runs over four days from the 9-12th of June and will send you back to a medieval Norwegian Summer. Learn more about the history of the city and Norse people, as well as over 100 other cities. Watch street performances, eat traditional foods and more.

What’s on the program

For those who enjoy art, it is worth taking a look at the HANSEartWORKS exhibition. The collection inside is presented by the S12 Galleri and KRAFT. These two galleries will fill their walls and floors with material based art from across Europe for you to check out.

If food is more your thing, then step into the perfect place at the perfect time. When mixing Bergen, recently dubbed a gastronomical city by UNESCO Creative Cities Network, with Hanseatic chefs, you can’t go wrong. On Friday June 10, the Hansa Market will hold the Hansechef competition, where participants will get traditional ingredients to create a dish. This year, stockfish, herring and beer are on the menu. If you like a little chaos in the kitchen and fancy yourself a bit of a cook, then why not join up and compete?

Cultural treats at the market

One of the events that is most anticipated is the HANSA Market. Here representatives from around 100 cities in the league bring a little piece of their culture to Bergen through food, costumes, music and artworks. The wharf is filled with masts fluttering in the wind, the walkway is packed with cheer and the stalls are abundant with different foods. Enjoy a walk through Europe’s past and fill your belly with interesting treats along the way.

In addition to the market, cooking competition and art installations, you can witness street performances, attend business seminars and even a youth conference. No matter your reason for visiting Bergen, if you are in the city in June, you won’t want to miss The Hanseatic Days.

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