Faraway getaway at the Farasan Islands from Jizan


Not so far away from Jizan are the Farasan Islands, a waterlogged wonderland for divers, snorkelers and nature lovers.

One of the most picturesque places in all of Saudi Arabia is just moments off the coast of Jizan. Farasan is a short 40 minute ferry ride away, offering to open your eyes to incredible nature both above and below its turquoise waterline. The depths hold untouched coral reefs home to schools of color, glittering like curtains in the wind. Trip around the mangroves, glide your feet through sugar-like sand and head into desert-like towns built up from the dust. Farasan begs you to come and explore.

Diving Farasan’s depths

The exciting reefs and residents below the waterline in Farasan will have you rubbing the fog off your goggles in astonishment. This busy city of gilled pedestrians boasts 231 species of fish, 49 of reef building coral, three dolphin species and more. People come from across the world just to get their toes wet on a diving trip here and it is easy to see why.

A touch of nature

Most of your activities on the islands will be water based like boat trips and dips in the ocean. One of the greatest boat trips to take is to Gendal Forest. Headed north, you will come to a mangrove forest, where vibrant greens come splashing up out of the water creating a liquid hedge maze to float through. Tranquil and unique, this is the perfect way to capture some of the many bird species and wild nature on camera.

The sandstone village of Al Qassar

A top attraction on the island is Al Qassar Village. This little village hosts the largest palm oasis in Farasan, as it was once an ancient summer resort. Stones and mud structures dominate the area giving you a taste of the sand colored world residents would have once known. Check out the intricate stone mastery and really sink your feet into some history. There are plenty of other historical sites to discover including an old German ammunition depot from the war and an Ottoman Castle.

Discover the islands by guided tour

So what is the best way to get the most out of Farasan Islands when in Jizan? Contact Haya Tours and be guided around all these spots and more on a three-day tour. Their friendly guides know their way around to the best places, making sure your experience is top notch. The company was awarded the Best Tour Operator 2011 in Saudi Arabia so it is safe to say you will have a trip to remember.

Another excellent tour company to get you here is Amazing Tours. Meteb and his crew earned themselves Best Tour Operator 2013 in Saudi Arabia and they offer a similar three-day tour to the islands.

Get in touch and leave the organizing up to them. If you prefer to make your own way, ask the friendly staff at Radisson Blu Resort, Jizan to help you out with transportation and see Splendid Arabia for some more information. Farasan is the island getaway you have been looking for; come and experience it.

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