The Hidden Secrets of Stockholm

visit Stockholm - Scenic evening panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, Sweden

If you have already visited the main tourist spots in this wonderful city or simply want to do things a little less mainstream, try out these hidden secrets of Stockholm.

This Swedish capital will make you never want to leave. With its quaint coffee and cake stores, scattered along the streets, excellent food and even better night life, the city has it all. Yes. You want to visit the museums and palaces, however don’t forget to really involve yourself in the Swedish way of life. Do as they do and check out these gems.

The fundamental ‘Fika’

For Swedes, the necessity of getting together with family and friends and enjoying coffee with something sweet, ‘Fika’, is an important part of the week. Because this is an essential part of Swedish culture, there are endless places to enjoy it. Make your first stop the Café Saturnus. Filled from floor to roof with cakes, buns and coffee, this is a sweet tooth’s heaven. The colourful treats here are perfectly matched to a cup of warm coffee or tea. Your taste buds will really know they are on holiday.

If an espresso with a spot of sugar on the side is more your thing, enjoy a break at the Espresso Sosta Bar in Sveavagen. This little store has excellent coffee and a selection of sandwiches and miniature sweets.

For the carnivores

If you love to keep your canine teeth sharpened, you will want to make a stop at one of these meeting spots. The Restaurant AG is a place for meat lovers serving a handpicked selection of delicious cuts said to be the best in Sweden. This paradise even has its own food display and serves the same meat as that eaten by royalty.

For a more rustic feel, give Köttbaren a go. Köttbaren, meaning ‘meat bar’ is a fresh restaurant disguised as a butchery. If you want a choice of your favourite cuts and fish, you can try their new restaurant Kött & Fiskbaren instead. Make sure you book a table to skip the wait. This place is popular!

If you want a simple dinner of chargrilled cuts and southern style service, make your way to the Saddle and Sabre American Steakhouse. Not only do they have a great country style feel, they have the best bourbon in town.

Be entertained

Be serenaded while you eat or join in and sing the night away at one of these great spots for mixing food with fun. The Big Ben is a stand up style pub in the city. Here you can grab a few beers or a light meal and enjoy a concert, new artists or some stand up comedy depending on what day you make it. There is a mix of both English and Swedish comedians taking the stage here, so if you haven’t mastered the language yet, you won’t miss out.

Another nice restaurant where you can enjoy some music is the Debaser Medis concert restaurant. You can just have some drinks, or enjoy a meal before heading off to see the show. And the best part is you skip the entry lines.

visit Stockholm - group of girls singing on a mic and having funTo be part of the action, visit K Karaoke. True to its Japanese theme, this karaoke bar is a place where you can rent a room for up to 30 people to enjoy karaoke together. You won’t have to embarrass yourself in front of the whole bar, just those you invite.

For those wanting something a little more disco, there are plenty of clubs to choose from in Stockholm. One of the most popular for local Swedes and Scandinavian visitors is Slakthuset. This nightclub has three separate dancefloors so there is bound to be a beat you can dance to.

Try something different

If you are looking to experience something different on your trip, then you certainly have a choice in Stockholm. In the city, by the water you can find a boat called the AF Chapman where you are able to go aboard and have coffee and buns while overlooking the water. This ideal outing is popular among locals, so ask the reception at Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm for information on how to find it.

You can also find incredible art in the gallery, Fotografiska. This art spot has thought-provoking photos on display, as well as a restaurant, concert hall and event spaces. The gallery has 2,500 square meters of space and is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The food here is as delicious as its art and will have you enjoying every moment.

The beautiful city of Stockholm has much more to offer than your regular tourist spots and it would be a shame to miss them. Enjoy Stockholm the way the locals like it and experience Swedish culture as you do.

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