The PWA Windsurfing World Cup 2015 in Alaçatı, Turkey!

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Imagine an idyllic sleepy town on the coast of the Aegean Sea filled with winding streets, cafes and golden sunlight, and you’ve pretty much got the coastal village of Alaçatı nailed. Just a 30 minute drive from İzmir - and 10 minutes from the picturesque resort of Çeşme – this painfully quaint town also happens to be known for something one wouldn’t normally associate with Turkey – windsurfing.

Every year between 8,000 and 10,000 professional and amateur windsurfers from the United States, Australia and Europe flock to the crystal clear waters of Alaçatı Bay to both improve their windsurfing skills, as well as compete in a variety of internationally recognized competitions.

There are actually seven independent surf schools in Alaçatı, all of which are located on the same 400-meter wide and 500-meter long stretch of water. What makes this bay such a great spot for windsurfing you may wonder? Besides the pleasant temperature of the water, the shallow, sandy bay is perfect for those who are learning as it makes it very easy for them to stand up on their board no matter where they are in the bay.

The PWA (Professional Windsurfers Associate) hosts the World Cup annually in Alaçatı, with the slalom competition being the highlight of the event. Alaçatı is perfect for slalom events as the wind is constant and even, and makes for some thrilling, neck and neck competition!


Want to be close to the PWA 2015 World Cup but still enjoy the resort lifestyle? The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Çeşme is a perfect home base to enjoy the action, located just 10 minutes away from Alaçatı village!

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