The Saga continues

Myndaveggur Reykjavik photo wall

Simply known as Hotel Saga to the locals, the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, Reykjavik has a deeply rooted heritage and history. One that inspires locals and guests, connecting the hotel experience to the rich culture of its destination. To celebrate this heritage, the hotel is undergoing an exciting renovation project. What better way to tell this iconic hotel’s unique story than through stunning design? Read on to learn the story of one of Reykjavik’s most famous landmarks.

From farms to fame

The Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, Reykjavik was built in the 60’s by Icelandic farmers with an unusually strong taste for modern architecture, and the hotel has in fact been owned by The Farmers Association of Iceland since its inception. The hotel’s vibrant atmosphere of the mid-century era was soon noticed by the locals as well as the many important international guests that followed, turning it into a historical monument for the city today.  The hotel has received its share of famous and well-known celebrities in its prime that included Mia Farrow, Neil Armstrong and Led Zeppelin among others. A place to see and be seen.

Radisson Blu Reykjavic restaurant

The hotel’s restaurant also plays an important role in highlighting these roots. World-renowned Grillið restaurant was the first area of the hotel to be treated to a refurbishment. Grillið has within its own right been a well-known culinary pursuit and constantly recreates a new approach to the art of cooking. This approach is highly influenced by the hotel’s origins. The culinary team honors a commitment to the hotel’s founders - the farmers of Iceland - by creating and selecting menus designed with local seasonal ingredients at the forefront. Grillið is located on the hotel’s secluded 8th floor and offers stunning views of the city.

Design rooted in history and inspired by modernity

The hotel’s unique heritage has not only been respected in the renovation process, but rather elevated. The new design overflows with a collection of memorable memories and inspiring designs, incorporating the hotels’ history while at the same time connecting it with a natural and sustainable theme and design that is modern. The color scheme is inspired by earthy, natural tones that can be seen around Reykjavik’s natural environment.

Grillid corridor Radisson Blu Saga Reykjavik

Meetings and events with a sweet touch

The hotel’s meeting and events floor has also been given a modern new look. And the latest technological equipment has been installed in all rooms and public areas. So, whatever your technological needs for your meeting or event, you’ll be sure to have access to the best tools to make the greatest impact. Oh, and we've also opened a new bakery in the hotel where the baking team can add that special memorable touch with unique breads and pastries freshly made each day. Watch out or your colleagues might not want to leave the coffee break!

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Radisson Blu Saga Reykjavik meeting room

Dance the night away in a luxurious ballroom

Súlnasalur, one of the most famous ballrooms in Iceland, has recently been transformed in a stunning way. Its redesign is inspired by its original look and feel, but with a modern twist. A blend of gold and dark tones creates a unique and sophisticated look, giving guests a lasting impression of any event they partake in in this historical space. The ballroom is a perfect choice for gala dinners, parties and large-scale meetings. Grab your dancing shoes!

The saga continues in the hotel – pun intended – and although the results of the renovations are already waiting to be explored, the hotel still has some exciting projects in store. So stay tuned for the opening of the brand-new restaurant and bar!

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