The top 5 sights at European airports

In the last couple of years airports have been shifting from being pure infrastructure providers to becoming modern experience hotspots. There’s usually lots to do and see, which makes it pleasant to spend a little bit of time there instead of just rushing through. Here, we have selected our five favorite sights located in close proximity to European airports as well as Radisson Blu airport hotels. Enjoy!

Fine Art at Amsterdam Airport


Why not admire the paintings of famous Dutch masters during your journey? Schiphol Amsterdam Airport makes it possible with an exhibition showcasing a selection of works that belong to the renowned Rijksmuseum, one of the best art museums in the world. Opened in December 2002, the museum at Schiphol is the first one ever that is located at an airport, and it’s also the only auxiliary branch of the Rijksmuseum. For the moment it’s undergoing renovation, but in fall it will be open to the public again.

Old Terminal Building at Dublin Airport


Passengers walking the sky bridge between Terminal 1 and Pier D get a lovely, sweeping view of Dublin Airport’s Old Terminal Building. Designed by Desmond FitzGerald in the 1930s the building recalls the shape of an ocean liner. Since then, more than 400 million passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport. The old terminal is still partially used for daily passenger operations and the stunning interior design reminds of the early days of aviation.

Bee colony at Hamburg Airport


Back in 1999 Hamburg Airport introduced a pioneering project that now has been taken up by airports all around the world: its very own bee colony. Today, the airport counts as many as 200 000 eco-detectives, which cover an area of approximately 12 square kilometers around the airport. The insects are able to give indications about the air quality and the pollutants in the environment solely with the honey they produce. A delicious side-effect of the project is that the airport’s beekeeper harvests about 150 kilograms of honey per year.

Famous racing circuit at East Midlands Airport (Derby)


East Midlands Airport isn’t the biggest airport in Europe, but it has enough interesting features to keep you busy. Situated in the heart of Great Britain it is close to a number of different cities and attractions. The closest is Donington Park Racing Circuit, which is just a few steps away. It’s one of the UK’s most popular racing circuits, hosting events such as the British Touring Car Championship.

One step ahead at Zurich Airport


The brand new observation deck at Zurich Airport is a fun way for young and old alike to get a glimpse of the flying experience as a whole. It provides exciting insights into the complex inner workings of an airport and features the world’s first observation walkway, allowing visitors to get a  close-up look of the pilots in the cockpits. Plus, multimedia binoculars have especially been developed for the observation deck, making the experience even more interesting.

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