Sophisticated design and feel-good atmosphere - the “Wohnidee” suites

Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt_Wohnidee_Suiten_Modern Serenity

Daring and innovative lobbies, beautiful fashion-inspired rooms, and modern flexible meeting and event areas. Radisson Blu stands for discerning design, and guests are delighted by the attention to detail that is shown. When the opportunity arose to work with the magazine “Wohnidee” for a second time, the decision was quickly made to cooperate. After the successful introduction of the new look at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cologne, the architecturally pleasing Radisson Blu hotel in Frankfurt, with its modern shape, and glass façade, was the ideal platform for new and inspiring living environments.

Hotel guests can have various requirements and expectations, especially in a metropolis like Frankfurt; therefore, the primary question in the run-up to the design was: what makes a hotel room inviting? In what type of rooms do both business travelers, and families, or couples, feel comfortable? The answer was quickly found; the personal touch is felt to be the most important. Based on this, and despite their design differences, both “Wohnidee” suites have one thing in common - every guest feels at home.

Classic Monochrome: Contrasts harmoniously combined

In the "Classic Monochrome" suite, traditional designs, such as the Vichy check, and the black-and-white hounds-tooth collection, work in contrast to one another. The use of different materials, such as dark wood and velvet, as well as leather and fur, ensures a haptic variety, with the contrasts all combining harmoniously. A highlight of the suite is the wellness bathroom, which has a free-standing bathtub, a large shower area with a shower-WC from Geberit / Keramag, with the bathroom being given a finishing modern touch by the contemporary fittings from Kludi.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt_Wohnidee Suite_ClassicMonochrome_AntoniaSchemus
The Wohnidee Suite "Classic Monochrome" at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt (copyright: Antonia Schemus:


Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt_WohnIdee Suiten_Classic Monochrome_AntoniaSchemus
The Wohnidee Suite "Classic Monochrome" in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt (copyright: Antonia Schemus:

Modern Serenity: Clear shapes and friendly colors

The use of light wood, together with pastel and grey tones, creates a relaxed lightness in the "Modern Serenity" suite. Here, too, the bathroom fittings of Villeroy & Boch help to create a feeling of wellness: the walk-in shower is equipped with a rain shower, a large bathtub, with a shower-toilet combination completing the bathroom. Both suites are equipped with luxury class beds from Schramm; each individual Schramm bed is custom made, and the bed quality is of exceptionally high standard: all guests can look forward to a particularly relaxing night's rest.

The Wohnidee Suite "Modern Serenity" in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt (copyright: Olja Ryzevski & Mauricio Fuentes Corridan:;


Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt_Wohindee Suite_Modern Serenity
The Wohnidee Suite "Modern Serenity" in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt (copyright: Antonia Schemus:

Design highlights also in Cologne

The Radisson Blu hotel in Cologne already has three prime examples of modern interior suite design. Here, too, the suites could not be more different. The “Bohemian Loft” has classic elements combining with colorful accessories, all of which meet the latest high-tech requirements. The decorative black bulldog emerges as a digital sound miracle, and music lovers can also enjoy the use of a record player.

The "Natural Bliss" suite, with its bright colors, and natural materials, offers a change in mood. The meditation program of the audio system, combined with the wall decoration in banana leaf optics, promotes a feeling of relaxation and ambience. If you would like to travel back in time, then the "Urban Retro" suite is the right place, with the stylish vintage-style furniture and muted colors taking you back to the New York City of the 1960s … and all of this in the center of Cologne!

As different as the styles of the suites in Frankfurt and Cologne might be, they all have one thing in common - quality and style for the wellbeing of all of our guests!

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