This is why Kuwait is a foodie´s heaven

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If you are interested in flavorsome food, exciting spices and world-class chefs, make sure to visit the Taste of Q8 food festival.

From March 17-19, skilled chefs from all over the world will gather at Mishref Firgrounds in Kuwait for the much-anticipated Taste of Q8 festival, dedicated entirely to food and culture. Sample the artworks of gastronomy’s finest and learn how to do some proper cooking from the industry’s best.

Get to know the stars

Every half hour from 14:00 to 20:30, you’ll be able to see a new chef who will teach you secrets and tricks to use in the kitchen. Watch as the celebrity chefs take on the celebrity chef stage to impress and awe the crowd. Every hour participants will be able to cook alongside the stars at one of the cooking school demonstrations. Work the knives, pots and pans while you sway to the cool beats of the musical performers present.Kuwait food - chef preparing food

Edible exhibition

Stop by the exhibition where several local producers and restaurants offer their products and samples. The word ‘hungry’ simply do not exist in circumstances like these. Browse through tempting samples and handy gourmet products you’ll want for your kitchen. For a more rural experience, head over to the Farmer’s market for tabletop displays filled to the brim with handcrafted spices, oils, snacks and beverages await!Kuwait food - Buffet, Al Boom restaurant, Kuwait

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Restaurants Galore

Get to know the local restaurants over at the tent section. Several Kuwaiti restaurant will be serving tasting platters of appetizers, main courses and desserts to prove why they deserve to be your favorite. An array of restaurants are represented, including Radisson Blu Kuwait’s very own Al Boom Restaurant and Peacock Chinese Restaurant. The Peacock was awarded best Chinese restaurant in Kuwait. Get ready for a mouth-watering exploration of anything from Iranian style dishes to Japanese, grill, burgers, Chinese, Italian pizza’s and traditional Kuwaiti fare.Kuwait food - food plates, Kuwait

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The talent

One of the accomplished chef’s you’ll be able to meet is Chef David Harnois. With his degree in culinary art from Ecole Hôtelière in St. Meen Le Grand and further education from Food Technology at St. Joseph College Loudeac France, you can be sure he has a trick or two up his sleeve. He is known for his ability to exceed beyond expectations, which he proves repeatedly. Chef David is leading the culinary team of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait and has been the key to the grand success of this restaurant and many others across the globe.

(the festival)… is also our way of giving back to Kuwait’s people, culture and that in relation to food. We want to be a forerunner and carry on being the leader in bringing abundant flavors to the people of Kuwait’s dining experience."

Chef David Harnois

An introduction to the Kuwaiti cuisine

Make sure you get a proper taste of the local cuisine, as well as all the other tempting dishes, when exploring the festival’s stalls. Nothing is better than sampling authentic dishes when on holiday. There are a few dishes that should be on your bucket-list when in Kuwait that promise and explosion of taste. If you’re in the mood for something light, order a Tabbouleh, a salad made from bulgur, parsley, tomatoes, garlic and lemon. The classics to this food culture include hummus, falafel and kebabs in several styles. Several dishes of the Kuwaiti kitchen are served with delicious lamb, including Qouzi and Machboos, the national dish.

Get a taste of the unique Kuwaiti cuisine while you learn the tricks of the trade from some of the most impressive knife-slinging and garlic-pressing chefs in the world. Kuwait is the perfect destination for any foodie also looking for a little sun and relaxation.Kuwait food - Kuwait food - salad

If you are lucky enough to visit Kuwait, soak in the positive emotions and manifold food experiences. For your stay choose out Al Boom Restaurant and Peacock Chinese Restaurant!

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