Time out when on Business in Tallinn

Whether you are visiting on a business trip or attending a conference or event, make sure you get a glimpse of the fascinating city of Tallinn.

How often have you visited a city on business and when someone asked you how it was, you replied that there was not time to see the sights, experience the food or dabble in the local culture. With Tallinn on your doorstep, it is easy to fit in a little bit of cultural time whilst on any business trip.

Here are some top tips on how to experience the cultural side of Tallinn on a limited business schedule.


Dine out of your hotel room

Don’t just order room service and work from your hotel room. Instead, dine at the hotel’s restaurant. At Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn, enjoy specialty dishes from the grill at Madissoni Grill & Bar. Here you can take advantage of free Wi-Fi internet so if you must work into the evening you can do so while you eat. Another option is to explore the local area around the hotel and drop by one of the local cafes, restaurants or pubs and soak up the atmosphere of a delightful Tallinn evening.


Step out for a stroll

After a long day at the office or listening to presentations at a conference, go for a walk to refresh your mind. Walking is often the best way to see a city and this is indeed the case for Tallinn. Stroll through the historic Old Town and don’t forget to absorb the fascinating architecture surrounding you. This designated UNESCO World Heritage Site is contained within the well-preserved medieval fortress, impressive in itself. Wonder down the winding alleyways and narrow streets and spot the city’s magnificent roof tops from the heart of Town Hall Square. Explore the underground labyrinth of 17th century tunnels and unravel the secrets of this historic city. Even within an hour or two you will definitely have the impression that you have seen another side to this charming city.


Let off some excess energy

When you have been sitting down all day and concentrating hard, it is good to let off some steam with a little exercise. Transfer your usual training routines to the city’s parks and walk, jog or cycle around, maybe even stop at a quiet spot for a bit of yoga or pilates. The largest and most famous park in the city is Kadriorg Park. Opened in 1718, this lovely landscaped park and gardens is lined with flowers, lawns, ponds and forest areas, and is one of the city’s most treasured green spaces. Whether you just want to relax with a book in the evening sunshine or jog around the footpaths, the park is ideal for some leisure time in the fresh air. Another alternative is to visit the Estonian Open Air Museum. This is not just a park, but also offers a little taste of culture and is conveniently open until 20:00 in the summer months. With City Bike you can join guided city bike tours or hire a bike and go on a self-guided adventure around Tallinn. This is ideal for getting around quickly and a great way to absorb this city in just a few hours.


A little bit of culture

There are a number of theatres, cinemas and concert venues scattered across the city which has a large cultural scene. Estonia National Opera showcases the best of the Tallinn’s ballet and opera with a packed schedule of regular evening performances. As well as being a popular conference and event venue, the state-of-the-art Nokia Concert Hall offers spectacular musicals, concerts and theatre shows throughout the year, attracting international performers. Remember to do your research and book tickets in advance so as not to miss out.


Unwinding with a refreshment

Tallinn is a popular destination for many Europeans and is fairly easy to reach with reasonably priced flights. Because the city is used to the sheer volume of visitors it receives each year, there is no shortage of bars, wine bars and clubs on offer. One of the cosiest places to unwind after a busy day is in the Old Town. The streets are lined with a choice of bars, where you can sample local beers and take in the scenery with outdoor seating. Ask to sample the local spirit and the county’s signature drink. Any local will proudly tell you about this sweet liqueur, Vana Tallinn. For a livelier evening there are many nightclubs where you can dance the night away.


Rooftop views

If time is of the essence, simply take the lift to the 24th floor of the Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn where you will find Lounge 24. Here you can enjoy breath-taking views of the city whilst sipping cocktails and watching the sun go down over the Tallinn, the perfect way to end an evening.


There is so much going on in Tallinn that it will not fail to make an impression on you. Make sure that when you leave the city after a business trip, you have taken the opportunity to see and get a feel for this charming historic city, even if it was just a break for an hour or two from your busy working schedule.


What would you most like to fit into your busy Tallinn schedule when on business?

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