Tips for creative thinking during meetings


You know that expression "If you don't use it, you lose it"? Well, this can be applied to creative thinking. Our creative ability can wither away unless it is used.  Even small bursts of exercising the mind help to keep the creative spirit alive, and even inspire it. Learn new ways to keep your mind nimble - these will stand you in good stead, also when it comes to meetings.

Imagine a dusty street with a tumble weed rolling down it – like in those Westerns or films of the Australian outback. Does it remind you of how it feels when you are asked to come up with something creative on the spot? So what should one do? Of course, there are ways of stimulating creativity: brain storming and mind mapping, to name just two current methods. The truly determined might try standing on their head, just to get a different view of everyday things. Before you put on a sweatband or get out your training gear, here are some alternative ways of generating creative ideas.

Choose your surroundings carefully – stimulate the mind

When ideas are just not mushrooming, it might be due to external circumstances. Your surroundings are important; not without reason do artists have their favorite situations for tapping into the muse. Don't forget this factor when you are seeking inspiration. Do you find that being out amidst nature helps, and that ideas fall from the trees? Or does a modern, minimalist setting without distractions give rise to innovative thoughts? Try out a few different locations. What you learn could be formative for your next meeting. Do you know the Radisson Blu Hotel Rostock? Here, all manner of settings, on all manner of levels, allow everyone space to reflect and be inventive. Enjoying the view over the harbor from the 7th floor roof terrace, you can breathe freely. With each breath of fresh air comes a clearer mind as a basis from which to start. Other breakout areas abound in Rostock. Take a tour to discover your own favorite thinking spot!

Get moving – free the mind

Are you still preoccupied with other thoughts, despite the roof terrace view? The weekly shopping, the children's sporting activities, an invitation from the mother-in-law – all this is unwanted distraction. The best way to relax can be to get moving. Exercise frees the mind, helps you organize annoying thoughts and can at the same time open up your mind to new ideas. It doesn't have to be a headstand – just as good is a spell on the treadmill or working with weights. Radisson Blu Hotels all have top-notch gyms. Many also have indoor swimming pools, inviting you to complete a few lengths. Swimming is not only good for organising the mental to-do list, but the blue water also stimulates original ideas. It has been proven that this color promotes creativity – which is why Radisson Blu meeting rooms are painted blue.

Teamwork with paper and pen – in the round rather than solo

You now have some ideas for encouraging creative thinking. But, as is so often the case in life, there is more than one way to reach a goal. Forming a team with your colleagues and going back to the roots can be very fruitful in terms of ideas. So what are you waiting for? Our tip: close your laptop, and grab a pen and notepad. When you are writing things down, you tend to be listening more actively. You will retain things that would otherwise be lost whilst concentrating on your keyboard. Even better: a pencil rather than a pen or biro. With a pencil you can erase previous ideas or drawings, and add new concepts to what you have already sketched out. However, don't feel you have to completely reject 21st century technology! Once you have pooled ideas and outlined some findings by hand, you can convert these to digital format with a single click using tools like the Radisson Blu DigiChart. This amalgam of old and new is bound to bring rewards for the Vision!

Travel – gain new insights and impressions

So productivity is on the up, but you wouldn't mind more input? Go out into the world! Discovering new places is a time-honoured way of enhancing creativity. You can of course travel the world in your leisure time. But an even more effective plan is to undertake a trip together with colleagues, rather than sitting in your familiar office environment. As an added bonus, the team spirit will be reinforced. And if you are wondering whether city or countryside is best, don't worry! Radisson Blu conference venues are centrally located, but have something for everyone. Many of our hotels are close to parks and woods, allowing you to stage a mix of indoor and outdoor meetings. Cover the territory with Radisson Blu Hotels all over Germany, and ensure your creative spirit doesn't pale into insignificance!

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