Titanic -The Artifact Exhibition in Estonia

The number of wrecked ships on the bottom of seas and oceans is unknown but none of them is as famous as Titanic. This is a story of a luxurious sea-going palace and humankind’s faith in technical progress, a search for better life and a voyage into the unknown — a story offering heated romance and icy tragedy.

Background of the Titanic

Titanic was an exceptionally sumptuous and luxurious ship featuring a number of innovations. The first one was an extensive electric power network. Electricity was used for powering the lifts, lighting the ship and heating first-class cabins. Another novelty was the electrically operated system of watertight doors, which enabled to isolate the ship’s watertight compartments from each other just with a press of a button. That technical improvement also contributed to the notion of the unsinkable ship.

The design of the ship attempted to create an impression of a glorious hotel. All luxury suites were of different styles and consisted of several rooms. Quite some of the suites had a separate promenade deck. The recreation facilities of Titanic included Turkish bath, a squash court, a gym and a swimming pool.

An important timeline

10.04.1912, 12:00 pm:  Titanic is leaving Southampton.

14.04.1912, 11:40 pm:  Ship staff will notice an iceberg.

15.04.1912, 12:15 am:  The Captain of the Ship orders telegraph operators to send the distress signal, after estimating the ship will remain afloat for two hours. He gives the order to uncover the lifeboats and evacuate the women and children.

15.04.1912, 12:45 am:  First lifeboat leaves the Ship with only 19 aboard, although it could carry 65.

15.04.1912, 2:05 am:  Titanic’s bow begins sinking as the last of the lifeboats are lowered into the water. An estimated 1,500 people were left stranded on the sinking boat.

15.04.1912, 2:20 am:  Titanic sinks.

About the exhibition

The Estonian Maritime Museum is honoured to present for the first time in entire Northern Europe Titanic exhibition, which will be open in Tallinn Seaplane Harbouruntil 31 March 2014.

The ten rooms of the exhibition will display a total of more than 200 fragments of the Ship and its fixtures as well as passengers’ personal belongings, which, after long years at the ocean bottom, have emerged and brought along the stories of the forgotten. Titanic will be vivified by recreations of a first-class corridor, cabins of various classes and, of course, the famous Grand Staircase.

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More about the exhibition at: http://titanic.lennusadam.eu/en

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