Top 3 spring destinations from East Midlands Airport

The East Midlands Airport is your key to an incredible short break in spring full of shopping, sun, culture and fun. Here are our top three spots for an unforgettable holiday.

Take off to one of our top three spring destinations from the Midlands. For those who want to spend a weekend in the sun, on beautiful beaches surrounded by that sun-kissed attitude of the locals, Tenerife is our choice for you. For city lovers who like to indulge a bit of retail therapy in a bustle of lights and awe inspiring sights, then a week in New York will do the trick. For travellers who want something unique, with a little bit of fairy tale magic about it, Salzburg is singing your name.

1. Tenerife for sun seekers

Tenerife Tourism. Beach sun bathing

Source: Turismo de Tenerife

Take a break from the cloudy English weather and head to the sunny island paradise of Tenerife only four and a half hours away. With average temperatures, sitting around 20 degrees celsius you will get to feel the soft warmth from the sun you have been waiting for without it being so hot it’s hard to bear.

Beach Las Teresitas in Santa cruz de Tenerife north

Image: Playa de Las Teresitas

For a beach you won’t forget, head to Playa de Las Teresitas. The lovely golden sands and blue waters are barricaded from the larger waves meaning it is the perfect place to swim. One of the top attractions on the island, this beach has that palm tree, sandcastle, and picturesque feel and will have you feeling like you’re in paradise.

Tenerife Tourism. Mountain trek

Source: Turismo de Tenerife

If you need a break from the beach and want to stretch your legs, check out some of the hikes around the beautiful mountains. You have some simple, family-friendly mountains like Mount Blanca ranging up to more serious hikes like that up to the peak of Mount Tiede.

Mount Blanca is one of the easiest peaks in this huge national park to enjoy. Enjoy a spectacular view of the park after this seven kilometre trip.

Mount Tiede is a climb for those who are fit and hikers by nature. This peak can take up to five hours of high-altitude climbing but the view is worth every step. Feel like you are on top of the world on Spain’s tallest mountain – 3,718 metres - and look out over Tenerife and neighbouring islands.

2. New York for the big city shoppers


New York is a space for spending money in style. Here you can stay for a year and still never uncover all the secrets of the city, meaning people return time after time. To spend your spring break in the big apple, you only need eight hours of flight time, some holiday money and the lust to experience the best. Check out a Broadway show, enjoy the busy atmosphere and maybe meet a celebrity while savouring the spring weather at the end of May.

When you think of shopping, New York is certainly one of the first places that comes to mind, and not without reason. This city is a well-known haven for people wanting to acquire some new items.  So where to head when on a shopping frenzy? If high-end designers and big brands are at the top of the list head to Madison Avenue or Fifth Avenue. The latter has those famous labels and includes a 10,000 square foot Apple Store, Tiffany & Co, Armani and Cartier.

If boutique shopping with a mix of everything is more your scene then there is no place better than Soho. Both antique and vintage stores are nestled among stores shouting designer gear. Just a little farther south in Chinatown, you are surrounded by a blend of trinket stores, big labels and an endless choice for where to eat without overspending.

iStock Pretzel new york resize

 New York has more than a million things to keep you busy on you trip so plan for things that excite. Because you are on holiday, take a moment to enjoy the purple leaves falling from the trees in central park while you devour a well-deserved warm pretzel.

3. Salzburg for those with a craving for culture


Source: Tourismus Salzburg

Our number three spot is the culturally cool Austrian city, Salzburg. Just a three hour flight away you can experience both culture and calm. Although this is not a destination that comes to front of mind when planning a trip, it really should be. It is a place everyone should see. Snow capped mountains with a crisp blue sky scattered with wisps of white cloud form the backdrop of your magical stay in this city. So why Salzburg and what to do? Remember the unbelievable scenery in The Sound of Music? This is exactly where you need to be to see it. You also have Mozart’s childhood home and not to mention the fantastical castles to see.

Midlands, Salzburg sound of music

Source: Salzburg Panorama Tours

The hills here really are alive with the sound of music. If you are a lover of the movie and want to experience a bit of it for yourself, join the Panorama Tour where you will get to see the locations used in the film. Feel sixteen again in the pavilion at Haellbrunn Palace or visit The Benedictine Convent on Nonnberg where the nuns sing ‘Maria’.  All these places are more beautiful and enchanting than in the films, so savour the moment.

Midlands, Mozarts house

Source: Mozar-Wohnhaus, Tanzmeistersaal. Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg

The world famous musical is not the only thing Salzburg is famous for. Tucked away in the cobble stone streets you will find the beginnings of Motzart’s life by visiting his childhood home where many of his keepsakes and mementos still remain. This is a historical gem hidden in the Alps, where you can learn about his time and influences while being guided through this priceless museum.

Midlands, Hoensalzburg fortress small

Source: Salzburg Bergen & Schlösser Hohensalzburg Fortress

An incredible structure reaching high above the city, the Fortress Hohensalzburg is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe. Walk up to the top and see out across the city while fresh mountain air wafts around you. Check out the medieval Princes’ apartments and the museum inside, which will set you back almost 1000 years.

This kind of scenery is not found anywhere else in the world, and the good news, you don’t have to travel far to be in awe of this spectacular city. Your time here will be full of fountains, castle walls, slow walks through electric green gardens and gazing at the one of a kind landscapes encircling you.


For the ideal short break in spring visit one of the excellent places that the East Midlands Airport puts in your reach. Book early to get the best prices and if you need a hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport has you covered and offers secure parking and a shuttle bus to the airport so you can start your holiday carefree.

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