Top 4 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Berlin

Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin seen from water

Berlin is an electric city. Bursting with art, culture and history, it’s one of those places where there’s always more to explore. Professional travel photographers Nige Levanterman and Sarah Lauren visited Berlin for the very first time and set out on their own discovery of Germany’s hippest city. Here, they share their favorite places that double up as timeless Instagram hits.

Dome of all domes 

One of the most striking buildings in the city, the Berliner Dom makes a wonderful backdrop against the evening sky. A year-round beauty, Berlin’s cathedral in the chic and central Mitte neighborhood looks great from every angle – but especially in this lush landscape composition. Snapped under a Saturday sunset from one of the rooms at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin, you’ll be treated to a private view unlike any other.

The Berliner Dom by Levanterman

Set the stage

Nestled between the two churches on Gendarmenmarkt is Konzerthaus Berlin, which holds the privileged title of the top venue in the city for classical concerts. Captured by professional events photographer Sarah Lauren during the ten-day Festival of Lights in Berlin that catapults the city into a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, the concert hall is seen in an entirely new light. In this image, a striking, long-exposure shot of its stunning exterior hints at the magical concerts happening inside.

Konzerthaus Berlin by Sarah Lauren

Riverside rhythm 

Don’t miss out on a walk along Berlin’s Spree River. Winding through the city, it’s a great way to explore, run, and yes, snap pictures! This one was taken from the Museumsinsel, the Museum Island, just opposite the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin. Walk over to the island to get in views of the Fernsehturm or TV Tower, seen on the left of the image. Catch the light on the water and you’ve captured the perfect summer’s day in Berlin. “The riverside view from the Radisson Blu is absolutely amazing. It was my first time in Berlin and definitely not my last,” Levanterman said.

Riverside Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin

The Berlin hotel with ocean views

Home to the world’s largest freestanding aquarium and over 1,500 tropical fish, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin offers a stay filled with aquatic flair. Photographed from one of the balconies, it’s quite unlike any lobby the traveling duo had captured before. Take the glass elevator up to the 25th floor, spanning the length of the cylindrical AquaDom aquarium. From here, you can visit Sea Life – home to 40 tanks full of exotic marine animals – and capture the surprising ocean backdrop right in the heart of Berlin.

Aquadom view at Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin by Sarah Lauren

Pack your camera and get set for Berlin. But first: Discover more destination inspiration with travel photographers Nige and Sarah in their photo guides to Bruges and Tromsø!

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