Top 5 alternative tours in Birmingham

Birmingham canal

Looking for a city trip that offers something different from anything you've experienced before? Birmingham is the city you should add to your list. Spend a day or two exploring the historic streets and beautiful canals but all while discovering some of the city's hidden gems in a unique way. Check out our top tips below for what to see and do for an unforgettable trip to Birmingham.

1. Canal Tour

Sail down the idyllic canals and see the beautiful city from a different perspective. The Away2Canal tour is a one-hour delight with commentary, bar and snacks on board. Bring your family or colleagues to this guided tour and enjoy their catering services including a bar in the comfortable heated boats, perfect for light conversation and sightseeing. If you want to bring the party up a notch, you can opt for the special charter cruise with a disco and buffet. Depending on the purpose of the trip, the tour guides tailor their commentary to suit your interests, whether it is historical, educational, special interest or special events.

Birmingham canal

2. Birmingham Ghost Walks

Join in on this tour to the city’s past, walking you through the dark and haunting history of the city. The Birmingham Ghost Walks tour ends with a stop at a haunted pub where you can calm your nerves after this exciting and terrifying trip. Choose from two scary tours promising some haunting tales. The first option is Graveyard Ghost Tour. It gives you a spooky tour of several cemeteries and the catacombs in the Jewellery Quarter. Second option is the Sinister City Ghost Walk. This guides you through many of the famous landmarks of the heart of this Victorian City and tells the unnerving tales of the past.

Purchase tickets in advance or in person, and make sure to check out the Halloween Special tour! If you want to see the scared faces of your friends or colleagues, you can set up a private booking for a business breakout, Stag or Hen party.

3. The Shakespeare Express

Take a wonderful trip on a beautiful and historic vintage train and see not only the city centre but the idyllic surrounding areas of Birmingham. The vintage Shakespeare Express takes you from Birmingham, out to Stratford and back, stopping by five different stations. Witness the beauty of the surrounding nature accompanied by the soothing noises of the restored, authentic steam engine pulling the vintage carriages. Enjoy the scenery that inspired Shakespeare many years ago. This special tour is suitable for families, groups and those searching for a quick break from the busy city life. Depending on the time of day, you can experience a traditional full English breakfast, or a Roast Sunday Luncheon. High Tea and Afternoon Tea are of course a must and part of the package, accompanied by a wide selection of wines to ensure a perfect trip. Book your tickets in advance for a seat in the premier class carriages for dining.

Shakespeare express train Birmingham

4. Balti Triangle tour

This gastronomic tour is organised Alternative Tours, specializing in giving the visitors a unique perspective of the city including the Jewellery Quarter and Balti Triangle. Their Triangle tour is a must for any lover of curry, and illustrates the benefits of a rich cultural diversity. Choose from one of the four packages to learn how to cook curry at home and get a guided tour of the Balti area. Indulge in this traditional dish with spices blended to perfection. After the tour you can easily do some sightseeing in the surrounding areas.

Balti Tour meal

5. Jewellery Quarter

Discover what is described as one of the hidden gems of Birmingham. The area provides an estimated 40% of the jewellery created and crafted in the UK every year, and is home to many award winning museums and galleries. Explore this interesting part of Birmingham and the thriving businesses alongside charming cafes and restaurants. Enjoy a special group tour to uncover the less known areas of Birmingham. The Jewellery Quarter tour promises interesting facts, must-sees and great dining experiences. If you are travelling with your family, there are many more sights that you'd love to explore in Birmingham!

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