Top 5 things to do in Ajaccio

Buildings By Lake Against Sky in Ajaccio Corsica

Located in Corsica, Ajaccio is also known as the "Imperial City" and has a rich historical past which has been greatly influenced by Napoleon. Let yourself be charmed by this beautiful Mediterranean city and discover all of the amazing things to do in Ajaccio with our guide to the top spots below.

Visit the city and its historic centre

Located amongst the city’s narrow alleys which are beautifully lined with palm trees and colorful facades, the city centre offers an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere, with something to explore around every corner. Enjoy getting lost in the quaint cobble stoned streets of Ajaccio. Discover amongst others the iconic Citadel and its walls, the Place Foch and the Imperial Chapel. Fun fact: Ajaccio is often called "the Imperial City" because it was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose childhood home has been transformed into a national museum in the old town which you can visit. History enthusiasts and art lovers will enjoy the Fesch Palace which houses the Fesch Museum (Fine Arts Museum) with impressive collections of paintings.

Old Town in Ajaccio

Les ‘Îles Sanguinaires’

The ‘Îles Sanguinaires’, also known as “Blood Islands” are a must see during a stay in Ajaccio. The collection of four classified and protected islands are truly natural wonders, and places of flourishing beauty with an array of wildlife. Enjoy stunning views on the way to the top of the Genoese tower by taking the small hiking trail. If you wish to see the Islands up close, take the ferry from the port and to make the trip extra special, choose the sunset cruise! Legend has it that the islands were given their name because of the stunning colors at that time of day.

Corsica, Ajaccio, sunset at the sanguinary islands

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The beaches

From long stretches of sand to small secret coves, Ajaccio is the ideal place to relax on the waters’ edge. Among the most beautiful and wildest, the beaches of Capo di Feno (Grand Capo and Petit Capo) are particularly popular spots for surfers. Disconnect from the city to discover the mountains that surround them. Accessible from the Blood Islands via the "Sentier des Douaniers", you’ll enjoy superb views across the sea and land. You can also enjoy spectacular views at the edge of the town at Saint-François, Le Trottel or Barbicaja beaches. Among the most beautiful beaches in Corsica, do not miss Mare e Sole or “Silver beach”, located on the south shore of Ajaccio, with its fine sand and clear waters.

Ajaccio beach in Corsica

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Local specialties

No matter the time of year, the Ajaccio market is a great place to explore the island’s local specialties and island crafts at over fifty stands. At the Ajaccio market, Corsican gastronomy is honored, with locally produced meats, cheeses and traditional pastries – “frappes”, fritters, “ambrucciata” –  as well as wines, liqueurs, honeys, spices and jams.

Sausages in a French Market in Ajaccio

The « sentier des Crêtes » hiking trail

The "Bois des Anglais" is the starting point of many trails that take you to the heart of the maquis for about 9km, among historical monuments, myrtle, lentisk and fig trees… Discover the beautiful landscape and exceptional views of Ajaccio from the “Sentier des Crêtes” as well as other sights such as the “Cupetta fountain” and old sheepfolds. At the end of the trail you will reach the Vignola solar station and the Route des Sanguinaires.

View of Corsica coast from tower on Cape de la Parata, Corsica island, France

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