Top 6 family activities in Bloomington

See our top 6 family fun attractions in Bloomington, MN and create a vacation to remember with roller coasters, mazes and more.

Bloomington, Minnesota, is a vacation city perfect for families. With its great kids’ attractions and family activities, you can make a million and one happy memories in a single visit. Every age will be thrilled and engaged. You’ll find a few of our top 7 at the famous Mall of America®, which means you can squeeze in a spot of shopping for yourself.

1. Nickelodeon Universe

The Mall of America® and its many great attractions make it a perfect place for family fun. One of the best spots to get active and coax plenty of smiles out of the kids, is to take them to Nickelodeon Universe. An electric orange playground full of cool roller coasters and rides for all ages stretches up to the roof in this miniature indoor amusement park. Let the littlies meet their favorite nick characters and attend one of their events.

2. Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium

All children big and small are fascinated by the watery world under the sea. With scary sharp-teethed creatures, cute dolphins and colorful fish, Sea Life® Minnesota Aquarium at Mall of America® has everything you need to keep the kids enticed. Their new Stingray Adventure exhibit is a hit with all ages, letting you reach down and pet small stingrays if you dare.

If you are travelling with kids over six then why not get the family together and join the fish in the tanks? This aquarium lets you dive into the tanks and go on snorkeling trips with the 75 different types of fish they house here. This is for those with nerves of steel, as you’ll be sharing the depths with sharks!

3. Amazing Mirror Maze

Mirror Mazes are always a great and inexpensive source of excitement and a great way to make some family memories. The Amazing Mirror Maze at Mall of America® will draw you in and trap you in the maze until you find your way out. Let the kids head in on their own so you can have a nice coffee break or jump in and join the fun with them. All ages will get some giggles and it is best enjoyed in groups.

4. Bloomington Family Aquatic Center

If your young ones are water rats, then a trip to Bloomington Family Aquatic Center will surely be a highlight of their vacation. This family spot has a walk in swimming pool, slides, diving boards, a bathhouse and play features. Relax with a book in the sun and let them make their own fun and meet new friends while being active.

5. Lego World

Lego® plays an important part of almost every kid’s life, and for a good reason. These colorful blocks allow children to let their imaginations go crazy as they build and create cities and playgrounds for their Lego® men and women. If your young ones are fascinated by these bricks, then take them to Lego®Store at the mall. Here there is a huge pick–a-brick wall with 180 different pieces to buy and a bunch of cool life sized models they can marvel at, including a giant robot.

6. Radisson Blu Kids Club

Children are always special guests at Radisson Blu Mall of America and have some great services they can take advantage of! Upon arrival, they will become a member of the Blu Kids Club and get an awesome Blu Passport, which takes them to special places around the hotel and Mall of America®. They collect stamps as they go and get a special prize if they collect all four. When traveling with children, make their entire stay an amazing experience from when they wake up until their heads hit the pillows with a little help from Radisson Blu.

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