Top 6 spaces in Minneapolis for art groupies


Minneapolis is a place for art lovers. With galleries and museums filling every other corner, there is a place for every kind of artistic taste. Check out our top six creative spots.

In a city where even the buildings themselves are works of wonder, you won’t be disappointed. Minneapolis is a canvas painted by many hands and loved by many hearts. Let yourself get sucked into its sharp lines and slow and subtle strokes at these impressive galleries, events and museums.

1. The incredible Walker Art Center

This giant building has absolutely everything. The Walker Art Center reflects the world as it is, as it was and how artists see it to become. Paintings, photos, sculptures and drawings decorate the walls and floors, treating your eyes at every corner. With over 100 years of experience, the center knows how to cater to all its guests. If you are traveling with the family then try to get here on ”Free First Saturday”. The first Saturday of each month is a day where you can enjoy films, hands-on art making, performances and more with kids, free. The Walker Art Center is also free every Thursday from 5-9pm.

2. Treat your eyes at The Museum of Russian Art

Originally a Spanish-Colonial Revival style church, The Museum of Russian Art building is now home to unique Russian collections. View snapshots from the past and be awed by the ever-changing exhibitions that float inside this culturally rich vessel. Often referred to as the “little gem”, this space never fails to surprise. The beautiful venue is the perfect size to explore before lunch, so take an hour or two to wander from wall to wall, or join a tour to get the most out of your experience.

3. Get engaged at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

Check out the performing arts when in Minneapolis and head to the Minnesota Fringe Festival. This diverse entertainment festival is usually held in August and runs for a few days. There are over a hundred shows to see ranging from comedies on relationships, dance routines involving buckets and tap shoes, great musical theatre pieces and more. Each show lasts 60 minutes meaning you have time to see all the ones that spike your interest. The Fringe is not just a venue and a good time. This festival has its own life. It breathes through the city engaging art lovers and artists alike. Check out their website for tips on the perfect line up for your tastes and reviews for performances.

4. Get inspired at Gamut Gallery

The Gamut Gallery is a place that takes you out of the norm and presents different ideas, and ways of thinking and seeing the world. The gallery brings people together to experience art in many forms and to open discussions about society and, of course, art. The walls are decked with fresh talent and the air is thick with creativity. Join a discussion, attend an event, or just drop by to take a look at fantastically inquisitive works of art. This is the perfect place to visit before heading out to dinner. The Gamut will get you inspired and be the main topic at the table.

5. A true pleasure: The Soap Factory Gallery

This space is a laboratory for artistic experimentation. Being one of the first visual art galleries in Minneapolis, The Soap Factory is unique venue that supports artists in painting, performance, sculpture, theatre, dance, film and photography. The gallery invites art enthusiasts to pop inside to be awed. With 48,000 square ft. of space there is bound to be something to catch your eye and have you daydreaming. This non-profit organization not only has awesome exhibitions, but also hosts great events like The Ten Second Film Festival and shows like Crime and Punishment; an act that was a hit at the Fringe Festival.

6. Something different at the Mill City Museum

One of the world’s largest flour mills has been given a new purpose. The wonderful stone ruins wrap themselves around the historically rich Mill City Museum. Minneapolis was once known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World”. From 1880 until World War I, all the breadwinners in the family would once have worked at a mill, meaning a great part of the city’s history can be found within the fire-scorched ruins of the museum. Flour dust is a friend to fire and has led to many mill disasters. See a demonstration of how it caused a deadly blast in 1878 and head to the baking lab for fresh bread. The real treat for art lovers, however, lies in the view. Climb up to the top of the observation deck and see the incredible lines and curves of the city as the river rushes past.

Our top 6 tastes for art lovers are sure to get you inspired, so grab a room at the Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown and stay right in the heart of it all.

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