Top 6 tapas tables in Madrid

Chef preparing fancy deserts at Bahia Taberna

Grab a seat at one of the six best tapas tables in Madrid and enjoy every bite. This Spanish city has plenty of great tastes to offer so be sure to check them out. Tapas is always a good idea but not all tapas is made equal. To make sure you get the best out of your dining experiences in Madrid, we have found six of the best for you to try out.


With a motto of ‘Craziness on canvas’ where each dish is a work of art inspired by the very corners of the creative mind, DiverXo delivers and it delivers well. Here you get a choice of two set menus, which are crafted to play with your senses and get you excited about food. Be surprised with each stroke as they paint your food onto a canvas, presenting in ways you have never seen before. Be sure to book beforehand as seats here are scooped up quickly.


If you are looking to really splurge on your trip to Madrid then eat like royalty at Zalacain. A restaurant that has in fact served the Spanish King and Queen, Zalacain is as fancy as it gets. Spend the evening being pampered from the moment you walk in the door and dig in to some of the best flavors you will find in the city. Walk into this old school style restaurant and experience something from the past, but don’t forget your jacket and tie, the dress code is enforced.

fine dining tapas in MadridBahia Taberna

Bahia Taberna is a place where tapas is celebrated and will never let you down. The incredible mixtures of flavors will have you wanting to try it all, so be sure to come here on an empty stomach. Enjoy a tasting menu so you can try a number of different dishes and be sure to grab something off their excellent wine list. Whether you are only in Madrid for a layover or here for a vacation, this is your first stop for dinner.

croquettes - tapas in MadridHorcher

Step inside a historic gem whose concept began in 1904 in Germany. Gustav Horcher’s son brought Horcher’s impeccable dining experience to Madrid in 1943 and since then, locals and visitors have been enjoying its delicious menu. Etiquette is key, formal dress is a must and satisfaction is a promise. Have some of the house paté, a cheese soufflé or a traditional game dish and let the team here transport you to an absolute food luxury.

Horcher restaurant setting in an old building Madrid

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Tacos & Tapas

When you are craving tapas and you want flavor that really rocks, head to Tacos & Tapas. Here you can get simple hearty dishes that are so good you won’t want to share. Get gourmet tacos with flavor combinations you will want to take home with you and delicious quesadillas that will have your mouth watering. This restaurant will give you a taste of excellent Mexican food right in the heart of Spain.

beef tacos - tapas in MadridPicnic Madrid

Albeit you will need to find your own table, Picnic Madrid is one of the hot new concept restaurants in the city. Why sit inside on a sunny day just to get great food? With Picnic Madrid you can choose a basket that suits you and head out to find your own view. Get a romance pack or one for the family and kids, and enjoy a pre-made (or personalized) delicious meal with the sky as your ceiling. You order online, choose your destination and the wait staff will bring you your lunch promptly.

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Staying more than six nights or want to try something else? Head back to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Madrid Prado and enjoy other great seasonal Spanish dishes in a boutique style setting.

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