Top 7 Interior Design Stores, Stockholm Style

Looking to lighten a room, fill it with color or create a mood? Then Stockholm is the place to be! The Swedish capital is a city of design, and with one of our 7 top picks you're destined to find the best of interior design around.

Ikea may be the first word that comes to mind when thinking about interior design in Sweden but don’t be fooled, the Swedes have a lot more to offer. The country is a jungle gym of intricate and impressionable interior design pieces. You just need to know where to look! This guide has the top seven spots for style in Stockholm, so if your rooms needs something a little more, then don’t forget to pop by these places.

1. Pattern perfection at Svenskt Tenn


© Svenskt Tenn

Founded in 1924, the designers at Svenskt Tenn know what they are doing. Their products are high quality and shout craftsmanship. The selection found here is the work of one of Sweden’s most celebrated graphic designers, so your piece is guaranteed to be noticed. Decorate the whole house with some of the unique items found here and you're certain to have a crown jewel in your home. // Strandvägen 5 // 114 51 Stockholm

2. Experience true design at Bucks and Spurs

RailwaysSolution_kitchen (1)

© Bucks and Spurs

With an emphasis on bringing nature back into the home, Bucks and Spurs design and manufacture all the products you can find in their store. Sleek wooden surfaces and unique thought provoking sculptures make the base of Bucks and Spurs’ artistic outlook. This is a place to find inspiration for your perfect home and pick up a few pieces to pull your collection together. // Karlavägen 58 // 114 49 Stockholm

3. Design House Stockholm gives you design at its finest

Stockholm Design House Light

© Design House Stockholm


Design House is an international success accessible right in the city center. This incredible collection can take over any and every room in the house with beautiful pieces that will make your friends green with envy. Over 60 designers have been brought under one roof to create a one-stop design shop, in order to make sure you have everything you need from candlestick holders to mini glass greenhouses. // Stadsgården 6 // 116 45 Stockholm

4. Techniques to taste at DesignTorget

Stockholm DesignTorget bookcase

© DesignTorget

For interior design when shopping on a budget, take a look at what DesignTorget has to offer. This store in the main station in Stockholm has a huge variety of items to personalize your home. Fill your drawers with toys or decorate your walls with funky clocks, pictures or books. // Centralhallen // 111 20 Stockholm

5. Norrgavel will make your space a masterpiece

Stockholm Norrgavel couch

© Norrgavel

Before you even leave the hotel to begin your search, you will want to check out Norrgavel’s inspiration pages. This will give you a first look into the impeccable style you can achieve with their pieces. Fresh with ideas, walk down to the store and add character to your space. After all, you wouldn't want to miss out on some Swedish flair, would you? // Birger Jarlsgatan 27 // 111 45 Stockholm

6. Grandpa gives you the vintage experience

Stockholm Grandpa store

© Grandpa

If you are wanting to decorate in a more simple way with a touch of vintage, visit Grandpa. This quaint little store has a number of carefully selected items to really take visitors back in time. You will find a mix of furniture, fashion and interior design items in store so drop in and see what they have to offer. Södermannagatan 21 // 116 40 Stockholm

7. Nordiska Galleriet offers you a complete, new look

Stockholm Nordiska galleriet Lounge

© Nordiska Galleriet

Nordiska Galleriet is wall-to-floor packed with striking pieces to make your home look like new. With a focus on furniture and fixtures, this designer’s dream has what you need and so much more. You can restock your kitchen with utensils, or refresh your study with new tools. A walk through the store is sure to get you thinking creative - and quite possibly your wallet lighter! // Nybrogatan 11 // 114 39 Stockholm

A shopping day out will fill your spaces with style. Interior design is key to this city and very popular, meaning you have plenty of choice. And by trading in Ikea for a more unique experience, you won’t even have to assemble the pieces.

With a room at the Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm you are right in the middle of the city’s best interior design stores.

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