Top Middle Eastern cuisine at Kuwait City´s Top Five Restaurants

Delight even the most discerning gourmand with these top five Kuwait City restaurants. From dining aboard a dhow to watching chefs prepare meals on open flames leaping into the air, this Arabian city puts a brand-new spin on haute cuisine. 

Ready to make your dining wishes their command, these restaurants in Kuwait City have built up stellar reputations among both locals and tourists. Turn your evenings into a culinary tour of the city, trying out something new each night.

Al Boom

Al boom2

Located in the hull of a traditional Arabic dhow, the astonishing attention to detail at Al Boom in Kuwait City extends to the unique setting as well as the expertly crafted food. A replica of the largest dhow ever built, it took 15 years to re-create. Every part is handmade, right down to the 8,800 iron nails and ornately paneled walls. The menu keeps the focus on seafood and steak, including starter and dessert buffets in the price of your main course. It may be all you can eat, but don't take them up on the challenge – as excellent as the appetizer options are, they're outdone by dishes like whole Omani lobster and hamour in a special house marinade. An excellent choice for your first night in town, the restaurant is part of our Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait, so it couldn't be easier to find the way back to your room afterwards.


The simple, contemporary esthetic of this Thai restaurant contrasts perfectly with the artistic presentation and complex flavors of its dishes. Using authentic ingredients imported direct from Thailand, the chefs at Ubon whip up everything from tom kha, a spicy coconut soup with vegetables, to the ever-popular shrimp pad thai with rice noodles and duck panang or beef massaman curries.


Taking inspiration from the other side of the Middle East, Leila brings Lebanese cuisine from the Mediterranean coast to the Persian Gulf. Located in the Avenues Mall, it's the ideal place to refuel after a lengthy exploration of all 800 stores – or at least a significant percentage of them. Choose from classic dishes like kebabs and kaftas, or try tomato sujuk, spicy sausages flavored with cheese and onion.


From the moment you walk in and see the bowler hats acting as lamp shades, you'll know they do things a little differently here. They pride themselves on including unusual but delicious ingredients in concoctions like robata ostrich or sweet and sour fresh fruit and shrimp, served in a tortilla. The dessert menu is equally inventive – try the peanut butter dome to end your meal on a delicious sugar high.

B+F Open Flame Kitchen

It's not uncommon to find restaurants that let you watch your food being prepared, highlighting the deft skills of their expert chefs. At B+F Open Flame Kitchen, they take that concept and heighten the drama, designing the restaurant's layout to give diners a perfect view of the roaring fires grilling each dish to perfection. The modern décor emphasizes the inferno theme, with bursts of yellow and orange entwined around twisted metal pillars. As you'd expect, the menu has a focus on grilling, wood-firing and smoking, with top choices including the ultimate sriracha burger, flame-grilled tiger shrimps and the monstrous tomahawk beef steak.

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