The top must-see urban spaces in Copenhagen

things to do in Copenhagen - cycle bridge looked from above

The urban renewal of Copenhagen has led to the revitalization of much of the city’s open-air space, transforming previously underutilized areas into sustainable, public-friendly attractions. If you're enjoying a summer in the city, don't miss the chance to spend a lazy day exploring these four man-made marvels.


Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district is one of the most ethnically diverse in the city. Superkilen is a public park that celebrates the district's more than 60 nationalities via a variety of globally sourced objects and perfect replicas. Park staples such as lampposts, fountains and benches have been gathered from countries as far apart as Ghana, Thailand and Jamaica, while an iOS and Android compatible smartphone app provides visitors with information about the stories behind these objects

The park is divided into three sections: the red square, the black market, and the green park. The angular pavement of the red square is used for open-air extensions of activities in the nearby hall; the black market is frequented by locals for its barbecues, benches and game tables; and the green park is an open, grassy space beloved by children and sports fans. In each one you'll find symbols of the different countries, including an elephant-shaped playground slide from Ukraine and an Ethiopian bench from "the site where the first humans walked the Earth."

things to do in Copenhagen - Superkilen park

The Bicycle Snake

In its ongoing quest to set the world standard for inner-city cycling, Copenhagen recently built a bridge specifically for its cyclists. Hovering six to seven meters above the harbor waters, the Bicycle Snake bridge provides safe bicycle passage from the Dybbølsbro Bridge to the Bryggebro Bridge, with stunning waterside views throughout. Visitors can rent a bike with Bycyklen, Copenhagen's city bike for rides through the city and across the structure.

things to do in Copenhagen - Snake cycle bridge

Hauser Plads

Near the popular shopping street Købmagergade and in the heart of the city you'll find a surprisingly futuristic-looking open space for children and adults to take a break and relax. In the middle of the old square is a minimalist playground, surrounded by plenty of green space where you can sunbathe, picnic and watch the kids play. It's just a ten-minute metro ride from our Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen, so if you wake up and the sun's out, you can be out enjoying the weather in no time at all.

Copenhagen playground -hauser plads

The Ørestad Islands

In 2013, a competition was held to find a solution to the lack of accessibility in the northern Ørestad area, through which the Emil Holm Canal runs. With the hope of bringing cohesion to North Ørestad and attracting people to spend more time in the underutilized space, the city called for innovative construction ideas. Architecture firm Open Research Team (ORT) won the competition with its round, wooden designs, which function both as bridges and fun meeting places. Each of the three man-made islands is slightly different, with features that complement their surroundings.things to do in Copenhagen - wooden bridge in Orestad

The island opposite Bjerget has benches for weary walkers, the one opposite Byparken serves as an ideal launchpad for boats in the warm months and for ice skaters in winter, and the island across from Ørestad High School includes a small lookout tower for children and is now often used for outdoor classes.

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