6 photos of Shanghai that will make you want to pack your bags

Shanghai skyline at sunset by SSNNAS

With its record-breaking sky scrapers, futuristic architecture, and colorful night scene, Shanghai is an enticing travel destination for those looking to for striking views and unrivaled photos ops. The skyline will leave you speechless. But don’t take our word for it! Read on to see how urban photographers SSNNAS (Sébastien Nagy) and C Ξ Ξ (Cédric Houmadi) capture the city.

Sugarplum sunsets from Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower is one of the best vantage points in the city – and in China for that matter – for getting some stunning cityscape shots. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa may still be the world's tallest building, but Shanghai Tower is not far behind at number 2 with 121 floors and a height of 632 meters. The spiral shaped design of the building is also an architectural wonder. Take the world’s fastest elevator to get to the top, and then take some time to gaze out over the Bund before snapping some epic shots like this one by C Ξ Ξ.

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Shanghai from Shanghai Tower by CEE Explorer

Lavender sunrise above the Bund

Shanghai is a port city on the Huangpu River, where the Yangtze River empties into the East China Sea. Shanghai literally means 'Above the Sea', and upon admiring the photos taken by SSNNAS and C Ξ Ξ , one can see how appropriate that is. The Bund, situated across the city’s business quarter Pudong, is the ideal spot to watch the sunrise. The Bund is a mile-long waterfront area along the western bank of the Huangpu River in central Shanghai. Set out early before dawn and go for a stroll. This is the best and most quiet time of day to capture some memorable moments before the bustling metropolis wakes up. C Ξ Ξ suggests to really take your time to capture the river from various angles. Oh, and for the Instagrammers out there like SSNNAS and C Ξ Ξ, this is one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city!

The Bund sunrise by CEE Explorer

A vertical city for architecture lovers

Due to its history of foreign occupation, the city has a unique cosmopolitan feel. You really do get the very best of the East and the West, and this is most prevalent in the architecture. Buildings vary in styles from Gothic to Baroque… to ultra-modern and out-of-this-world! In the Bund area, the fifty some buildings stand together in unison nonetheless and provide a unique composition for cityscape photos. SSNNAS snapped this one not far from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Shanghai New World.

Shanghai skyline by SSNNAS

Rooftop views from the Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World

Situated near the People’s Square, the Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World is one of the city skyline’s iconic structures. (In fact, so iconic it was even featured in Lego’s most recent architecture set!) Its distinctive 208-meter tower is topped by a dome-shaped crown where the Sky Dome bar is located.

Just outside the hotel, the Nanjing Road offers some of the area’s most popular shopping, and attractions like the Bund and Yu Garden are less than 10 minutes from our location. We love this this perfectly timed pink sunset caught by C Ξ Ξ  and this city lights one below captured by SSNNAS!

Sunset from Shanghai New World Hotel by CEE Explorer

Night skyline captured from Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World by SSNNAS

Shanghai may be the most populous city in the world, but it is easy to get around: from the metro to the only inter-city subway in the world to buses and affordable taxicabs, you’ll always have easy access to any of the areas you want to explore. Choose to explore by foot for a truly immersive experience as the streets tend to be safe to walk.

Whether you are passionate about architecture, are a travel photography enthusiast, or simply want to explore one of the most dynamic cities in the world, Shanghai will prove to be an unforgettable experience for just about any kind of traveler. Stay with the Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World for easy access to its most picturesque spots.

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