Top reasons to visit Frankfurt

One of the most international cities in the world, Frankfurt's history spans over a thousand years. Its museums and festivals are second to none, with each season celebrated in its own special way. Learn more about the city's top festivals to check out below.

The Luminale Festival of Light

If you want to see Frankfurt like you've never seen it before, this is the festival you won't want to miss. The Luminale Light Festival was founded in 2002 as a supporting program for Light + Building, the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building technology. Now it runs every two years and attracts over 200,000 visitors. Get ready to see some of the city's most iconic buildings bathed in beautiful colors! Innovation at its best, through stunning artistic creations. Learn all about the projects from this year and the philosophy behind the event on the official website.

An apfelwein toast or two

For one week in mid-July, Roßmarkt transforms in celebration of the local specialty beverage, apfelwein (apple wine). The festival's many stalls serve up the Hessian cider in a variety of styles, from a classic straight schoppen to more modern apfelwein cocktails. If you take a liking to the drink, you can pick up your very own bembel jug for serving and a traditional ribbed wine glass for drinking – and several bottles of the good stuff, of course. Food stalls, traditional dancing and live music accompany the wine tasting.

Celebrate the Main

From August 3 - 7, locals pay homage to the river at Mainfest, a folk festival that takes place at the Römerberg, the city's historical center. Originated by fishermen and sailors, the fest kicks off with live music and wine served from the Fountain of Justice. The whole family can enjoy the fairground rides and food stalls lining the Main waterfront before and after the traditional fisherman’s jousting on Sunday, when competitors try to knock each other out of their boats and into the river. Each day has its own lineup of musical acts, and the festival closes with a spectacular fireworks display on Monday night.

Top reasons to visit Frankfurt

The Museum Embankment Festival

The annual Museum Embankment Festival is not only one of Frankfurt's best-known cultural events, it’s also one of the biggest in Europe. Each August, about 2.5 million visitors descend on the north bank of the Main for a three-day festival of arts and culture, centered on a different theme each year. Live music will fill the streets as visitors wander past arts and crafts stalls and street food vendors, with celebrations continuing well into the night. Participating museums remain open past their typical hours, and you can purchase a festival pass granting access to all of them.

Museum Embarkmentfest Frankfurt

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