Top 6 Reasons to Visit Niamey

Interior of Niamey Grand mosque in Niamey, Niger

Known for its oasis towns, desert dunes, and Africa’s greatest dinosaur graveyard, Niger has layers and layers of history. In the capital, Niamey, ornate mosques, the vast Niger River, and museums that celebrate the country’s cultural heritage are the perfect introduction to the wonderfully diverse nation. And with the Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center, Niamey set in one of the safest and most esteemed locations in the city, you’ll have one more reason to go.

Get your bearings

The largest and most beautiful mosque in the city, Niamey’s Grand Mosque was built in the 1970s and has since become the city’s gathering place for Friday prayers. Take a tour up the minaret’s 171 steps and look out from your place in the heart of the city. Just a ten-minute drive from the Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center, Niamey, it’s one of the top places to tick off your Niamey itinerary.

Niamey Grand mosque - Niamey, Niger

Sail the river

The lifeblood of the country and the river that gave the country its name, the Niger River is immense and full of life. Set out on a sailing trip on a traditional wooden boat and look out for swimming hippos, rural villages and the most mesmerizing sunsets. If you're not one for sailing on the open water, take in the river view from your room or suite at the hotel, also the tallest building in Niamey, and relax alongside the elegant design and modern amenities.

Paddling on the Niger River in Niamey

National treasures

Once dominated by the Songhai Empire and other regional powers, Niamey boasts a unique fusion of Arab and African traditions. At the National Museum of Niger or Musée National du Niger, as it's known locally, you’ll find an impressive selection of exhibitions tucked inside Hausa-style pavilions. Learn about traditional dress, the homes and tools of Niger’s diverse ethnic groups, the history of the Sahara, and the country’s endless customs and traditions.

skeleton of Dinosaur Sarcosuchus in Niamey, Niger

A French legacy

Visit Niamey’s Village de la Francophonie, a residential quarter built for the fifth games of the Francophonie back in 2005. An international sporting event of sorts that brings together artists and athletes from across French speaking nations, the games of the Francophonie left behind a network of villas and a legacy of cultural wealth.

Get in the running

Several times a year, Niamey hosts a fabulous race event that sees powerful horses racing across the red earth. The equestrian race started when Niger declared its independence from France in 1960, and has turned into a tradition of racing, held in a hippodrome in Niamey’s center. Young men from across the country come to participate in the race with high hopes of winning big, making for an exciting spectacle.

jockey riding horse - Niamey, Niger

An elegant city hub

The Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center, Niamey is nestled on the Boulevard de Republique, nearby the Palais de Congress, the Old Presidential Palace, and international embassies. Besides being in one of the safest areas in the city, you’ll find design-led accommodation, three on-site restaurants complete with a rooftop lounge, an elegant spa and beauty center, and Niger’s first conference center. The perfect base for exploring the ancient capital.

Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Center, Niamey interior lobby

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