Top restaurants in Bratislava

Bratislava castle at autumn, Slovakia

Slovakia's capital provides a whirlwind culinary exploration of Europe, with traditional eateries nestled alongside foreign imports and daring modern fusions. Whether you're craving foie gras or fazuľová polievka s klobásou (Slovakian bean soup with sausage), you won't go home hungry. 

Lemon Tree

Under the direction of executive chef Martin Novák, Lemon Tree's menu is evenly split between Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. Developed with the help of expert chef Štefan Bendák, the Thai menu delights with its innovative flavor pairings, such as the cucumber-peanut and sweet-and-sour sauces topping the seafood dishes. Conclude your evening with a visit to the seventh-floor Sky Bar, where you can enjoy great views of the city and a delightful array of herb and fruit-infused cocktails.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Soupa Bistro

Slovakians do love their soup, which seems to be an essential part of every lunchtime. At Soupa Bistro, you'll understand the attraction – the menu is updated daily with four soups, fresh juice blends and tempting side dishes. Options like spring radish soup, zucchini pancakes, and homemade lemonade make this one of the healthiest indulgences you're likely to find. If you've got a sweet tooth, check out the freshly-made apple pies, poppy cakes and banana bread.

Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar

Opened in 2010, this warm and inviting microbrewery serves up hearty, traditional pub food. Take your pick from the house lager, black beer, or wheat beer, and start with a beer-cheese appetizer before moving onto one of the many meat-centric mains, including pivovarský gulášek, a mildly spicy goulash that comes with your choice of bread or dumplings, onions, and of course, beer.

Traja Mušketieri

This medieval-style tavern offers French dishes such as foie gras and steak tartare with cheeky menu names like His Highness Louis XIV and Victor Amadeus II. The restaurant's cellar location gives it a rustic ambience, emphasized by its practice of serving beer in steins and décor hearkening back to the 14th and 15th centuries.

Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

Hradná Hviezda

Making the most of its enviable setting in the western courtyard of Bratislava Castle, Hradná Hviezda's elegant menu is designed to complement the site's historical majesty. After an appetizer of duck liver paté, dine on organic ox steak with potato gratin and a sauce made of foie gras and black truffle. If you'd like to try a more traditionally Slovak dish, opt for venison ragout with bread dumplings and onion salad, or roasted pork belly with red cabbage purée and cumin sauce. Once home to Moravian and Hungarian royals, today the castle showcases Slovak National Museum collections and is a popular venue for concerts.

Slovak Pub

The largest bar in Bratislava, Slovak Pub is also understandably one of the most popular venues in the city, with a devoted student fan base. As a result, you'll find a great selection of quirky promotions for college students, like free soup for an 'A' on an exam. Each of its 11 rooms is dedicated to a different facet of Slovakian culture and history, from the Poet's Room honoring renowned national writers, to the Pribina‘s Knights‘ Room and its cross-shaped table, inspired by stories of the medieval prince and his warriors. Located just a scenic 15-minute stroll from our Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bratislava, the pub also runs its own organic farm, from which many of its ingredients are sourced.

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