Traditional Recipes from Rome

Whether you’re a foodie or you just enjoy cooking (and eating!), we’ve got you covered! Read on to learn new, traditional recipes directly from the team of Radisson Blu GHR Hotel, Rome, a Renaissance-style hotel located in the sophisticated Parioli district. You can have fun trying your favorite recipe at home or you can order it at the hotel’s elegant restaurant when you’re in town!

1. Carbonara

One of the most famous dishes of the Roman cuisine, carbonara is appreciated all over the world. To prepare the best carbonara and surprise all your friends, you’ll only need a few simple ingredients:

- 100 gr squared spaghetti
- 50 gr seasoned cheek pork
- 1 egg
- 1 egg yolk
- 30 gr of fresh Pecorino cheese
- Freshly ground pepper

Now what? Let the water boil in a pot, salt it and add spaghetti in it. While you wait, cut the pork cheek into strips and brown them into a pan. Then, mix the eggs with pecorino cheese and pepper until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. When spaghetti is ready, drain the pasta and lightly stir in the pan with the pork cheek. Off the heat, add the eggs and pecorino mixture to the pasta and stir. Now you’re ready to serve!


2. Cacio e Pepe

Another beloved dish of the Roman Cuisine, Cacio e Pepe needs only a few ingredients:

- 100 gr tonnarelli pasta
- 40 gr Roman Pecorino cheese
- Freshly ground pepper

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, make sure to follow the following steps. Boil salted water in a pot (use half of the salt you usually use) and add the tonnarelli pasta in it. In the meantime, toast the pepper in a pan and add a ladle of cooking water and then keep aside. Add a part of water to the pecorino cheese, until you get a homogeneous mixture. Drain the pasta and stir it with pepper, remove from the heat and add the pecorino cream!


3. Amatriciana

The third classic dish of the Roman cuisine is simple yet tasty, only requiring a few ingredients that can be found at your local store.

- 100 gr Bucatini pasta
- 30 gr pork cheek
- 60 gr tomato sauce
- Freshly ground pepper
- Red wine vinegar

Get cooking by following a few simple steps! Boil salted water in a pot (add half of the salt you usually use) and add the bucatini. While you wait, brown the pork cheek and simmer with wine vinegar. Once it has evaporated, add tomato sauce, salt and pepper and cook for at least 15 minutes. Drain the bucatini, add it to the sauce, remove it from the heat and stir with grated pecorino cheese.


Have you tried any of these recipes? Let us know on social media by sharing the best pictures of your dish with #RadissonBlu. If you’re looking for summery recipes, get inspired on our 3 Spring and Summer Recipes from Rome blog here.


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