Travelling To Rome On Business

Colosseum Rome

Rome is a great destination for business travelers. The Italian capital sports a famous business district and several fantastic conference and trade centers, as well as great transport links. It’s also an incredible place to see world famous sights and enjoy food when meetings and fairs are finished.

Business in Rome

Rome features an impressive business district, known as the EUR. Located in the south of the city, it was originally built for the World Fair in 1942 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Rome’s Fascist march. EUR takes its name from Esposizione Universale Roma, the World Fair, which never took place due to World War II. The architecture represents the large, austere Fascist designs of the time it was built. The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, so called ‘Square Colosseum’, can be found here, and is typical of Fascist era architecture. EUR is also famous as one of director Federico Fellini’s favorite locations to shoot in Rome.

Visitors on a business trip to Rome will find a mix of offices and organisations within the EUR business district, nestled in amongst the imposing World Fair buildings. The Palazzo dei Congressi can be found in this area, and is often home to international business events and trade fairs. The area also houses attractions like the Planetarium, Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Museum of Roman Civilization. Outside the city center, near the Fiumicino International Airport, visitors to Rome will find one of the city’s largest trade and exhibition centers. The Nuova Fiera di Roma is one of the biggest venues of its kind in Italy. Designed by architect Tommaso Valle, it is a futuristic expo hub that boasts excellent facilities, can accommodate great numbers of people, and contains restaurants, bars, and banks.

Square Colosseum Rome

The Colosseum

If you are on a business trip to Rome, make sure you take some time out to see the sights in this spectacular city. The Colosseum is one of the most famous structures in the world, and is a landmark attraction in Rome. Admission to the Colosseum gives visitors the chance to look around this incredible amphitheater, and imagine life in the arena as a gladiator. You can book evening tours of the Colosseum if you are pressed for time during the day, and make a date to see this attraction after meetings. While you're at the Colosseum, take time to explore the nearby Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, which will transport you back in time to the height of the Roman Empire. Capitoline Hill, at the far end of the Forum, is worth a climb for views of the city and the elegant Michelangelo Piazza and Capitoline Museums.

A Roma Pass card gives free access to at least 2 museums/sites, discounted rates to many more attractions, free use of public transport, and quick access to the Colosseum.

The Colosseum area is home to some fantastic restaurants in which you can enjoy a taste of Roman cuisine after a meeting. These include the popular Agata e Romeo, open on weekdays, for a bite of traditional Italian meals like fish and beef. Also nearby is Trattoria Vecchia Roma, a great place to go for Roman style spaghetti or pizza. Zest bar has a fantastic range of craft beers and cocktails to relax with at the end of the day.

Colosseum Rome

Galleria Nazionale

For a taste of modern culture, head to the Galleria Nazionale d'arte Moderna e Contemporanea, open daily until 7.30pm (except Monday). The Gallery houses a stunning collection of 19th and 20th century art. The Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma (MACRO) is another fantastic modern gallery, housing Italian art from 1960s to the present.

The Pantheon

An evening walk around the city will lead you past instantly recognizable Rome attractions. Grab a gelato from Giolitti's traditional ice cream shop on Via del Vicario, and head to the nearby Pantheon. This stunning building was originally meant for the worship of every god, and was later converted to a Christian church and then memorial chapel. Stroll through the winding streets to the Trevi Fountain, which famously appeared in Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Tradition says that a visitor to the city who throws a coin in will one day return to Rome.

Pantheon Rome

The city is filled with piazzas bursting with bars and restaurants, making it easy to grab food and a drink after a meeting in Rome.

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