Travelling the Trans-Siberian Railway

Discover the picturesque Ural Mountains and the landscapes of Russia on board the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Connecting the European rail network with the Chinese rail network, the Trans-Siberian Railway is a gateway from the West to the East. Travelling across Europe, Russia and China, passengers can soak up the scenery without even leaving their seat.

All aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway

trans-siberian-railway-guide Operating all year round, the Trans-Siberian Railway is an ideal way for solo travellers, couples and families to view Russia from a warm and comfortable carriage. Starting in London and travelling via Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and other European cities, passengers can opt for buses, ferries or connecting train routes to travel as far as Singapore, without having to set foot on a plane. Just a few of the Eastern destinations the Trans-Siberian Railway journeys to include Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Vietnam, Tibet, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Although the railway is a long-distance service with no hop on/hop off flexibility, journeys can be planned with stopovers by purchasing multiple tickets. Separate tickets for each leg of the journey allow passengers to explore chosen destinations for a few days before jumping back on board the next passing train.

Discover the Urals

Travelling the Trans-Siberian Railway
The Ural mountain range stretches from Northern Russia to Southern Russia, starting at Kara Sea in Siberia and ending in Kazakhstan. Not only do the Urals offer some of the best scenery in Russia, they also provide the perfect terrain for hiking, mountain biking, caving and rafting.

One of the major cities close to the Urals offering Trans-Siberian connecting stations is Chelyabinsk, where the Radisson Blu hotel, Chelyabinsk is located. Although Chelyabinsk is an industrial city, it provides the perfect stopover for passengers looking to explore the Southern Urals.

Arguably the most stunning part of the mountain range, the southern portion of the Urals boasts diverse landscapes, including forests and mountainous areas. A particularly popular line on the railway that ventures through the Southern Urals travels via Ufa, Zlatoust, Miass and Chelyabinsk. Stopping off at Chelyabinsk gives passengers the chance to explore the many natural beauty spots and green spaces, including the national parks.

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