True Radisson Blu Love

Ah, l’amour…it’s unavoidable this time of year. Whether you love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is an increasingly popular holiday celebrating all things ‘lovey-dovey’. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of this particular day of the year, nothing is better for softening even the hardest of hearts than a real-life love story. Over the years, Radisson Blu has helped shape more than a few romances and we’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

Sit back, relax and let us inspire your inner cupid.

Seat for Two with a View 

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt's unique round design also requires some unique ways of keeping it looking its best – including its own special “window cleaning cage” to help keep the windows of the hotel sparkling. One day a guest requested to arrange a romantic candle-lit dinner in said cage. The hotel staff prepared a beautiful table and the guest and his girlfriend enjoyed a lovely dinner with a one-of-a-kind view. At the end of the dinner he proposed to his girlfriend - of course she said “yes”!


Wedding Night Dinner, Round Two! 

Kendal and Scott hosted their wedding reception at Radisson Blu Mall of America in March 2014 and had such a great time entertaining their guests at the reception that they forgot to sit down and enjoy their first dinner together as a married couple.

A month later, the couple reached out to Catering Sales Manager, Kat, and told her that they never got to enjoy their dinner and wondered if the hotel could possibly recreate their wedding night meal. In June, Kendal and Scott came back to the hotel and Kat had reserved a private room just for the two of them and personally served them their wedding meal so they could enjoy it together. It was the icing on the cake for this Blu bride and groom!


Surprised All Around

A guest recently booked a suite for an anniversary stay with his girlfriend at Radisson Blu Minneapolis, and called the hotel to see if they could add a little something extra to make their stay memorable. Concierges Brandon and John thought had a great idea to take both of their breaths away!

“When we arrived at the hotel, my girlfriend and I were blown away at what an amazing job both John and Brandon had done. There were rose petals on the bed, spelling out the special phrase I requested: Hey, How's it Goin'?, chocolate-covered strawberries, and candles set up elegantly along the counter. The tough part was acting as if I wasn't completely astonished myself when my girlfriend and I entered the room. Both John and Brandon were infinitely helpful in making this anniversary our best ever.” 

Radisson Blu Minneapolis proposal on bed

A Trustworthy Proposal

A gentleman planned to propose to his girlfriend during a recent stay at Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago. Guest Experience Manager Chantal asked him what he had planned. He didn’t have any ideas yet. He trusted that the hotel could help- and they did- starting with a complimentary upgrade to a Park View room with a balcony (our famous corner room). Then they decided on a surprise Tiramisu that would hold the ring and message– “Mirjam, will you marry me?” handwritten in chocolate. The guest then confided the ring to Chantal after checking in to the hotel to have it placed on the dessert plate. She promised him that she would be the only one to hold onto it and would personally deliver the amenity to their room. Talk about a trustworthy proposal!

After the delivery the guest texted to say….. SHE SAID YES!

Tiramisu with wedding ring

Once they left the room for dinner, Chef Carolina and Chantal planned on surprising them both by creating and delivering a congratulatory amenity with romantic red rose petals. The couple was truly happy. 

Thirty Years and Counting 

One sunny day Mr. Russel from the Meeting and Events team at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek welcomed Mr. Abdullah to our hotel to plan the wedding of his son. Little did he know he would be making history. After showing the guest around the hotel and going through the wedding package, the two gentlemen sat down for a coffee to discuss the details. Mr. Abdullah was very happy with the proposed package and was delighted to find out that the ballroom had just been renovated. Suddenly Mr. Abdullah’s eyes began to fill with tears. Mr. Russel asked why he was getting upset, to which Mr. Abdullah replied,

“You know Russel, thirty years ago I celebrated the best day of my life in this very same hotel. My wife and I got married here and we had the best Emirati wedding of the year. Our families still fondly remember the beautiful place our wedding was held in to this day. That is why I chose to celebrate my son’s wedding in the same place. I know you will do a great job, and hopefully, one day my grandchildren will get married here too.”


Mr. Russel was so touched by Mr. Abdullah’s story that he made his son’s wedding even bigger and better than expected. The family was delighted and had yet another beautiful wedding to add to their family history.

Radisson Blu to the Rescue 

This has happened to all of us. You take off your ring to do some cooking or cleaning when all of a sudden – poof – it slides off the counter and vanishes down the drain. Now, imagine that ring is your wedding ring and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what one of our guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport was feeling one Sunday morning not too long ago. Luckily, one of the kitchen staff was handy with a wrench and managed to rescue the wedding ring from the depths of the bathroom sink’s plumbing. Whew, relief!

 Radisson Blu Hamburg Airport lost wedding ring

Have a grand romantic gesture you’d like to pull off? We’d love to help you! Connect with our staff members about how we can make your stay with us a night to remember.

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