The ultimate parentsĀ“ guide to stopovers

Travelling with children comes with its own unique set of challenges, but there's no reason not to enjoy the journey. Check out our parents' guide to hassle-free stopovers and start planning your family trip today.

If you're travelling with children, stopping over at a hotel can be a great way to break up the journey and avoid an unending chorus of "are we there yet?"s. Here are our top tips for making the most of a one-night pause. 

Save the day with apps

If you have a long drive to your stopover hotel, keep the kids entertained in the back seat with child-friendly apps like Road Trip Bingo or Postino. Travel apps can be lifesavers for parents too, from Mom Maps with its comprehensive database of 28,000 kid-focused locations to airport apps and - most importantly of all when it comes to travelling with kids - one to help you find the nearest restroom.

Family-friendly perks

Most family-friendly hotels let kids sleep free in their parents' room, and some of our favourite perks for the littlest travellers in your party include free baby food and cots. Even if breakfast is included in your room rate, it's always worth bringing along a few cereal bars or fruit makes so you can offer up a quick, convenient snack on the go. And if bottle-feeding is on the agenda, check beforehand to ensure your hotel can help sterilise bottles and warm up milk. You should also ask about access to a fridge - most hotels have some in-room refrigeration facilities available.

Having fun in your room

You don't need to bring along an entire toy box to keep the kids entertained. Even something as simple as a pack of cards can offer up hours of fun, whether you're playing by the rules or encouraging the invention of a creative new game. Before setting off on your big adventure, try getting your kids involved in holiday projects like exploring maps, learning fun facts about their destination or keeping a travel diary throughout the trip. You can keep up the project on the road by bringing books that are set in the place you're visiting. 

Allow time for counting sheep

As any parent knows, tired children are invariably grumpy children, so choose a hotel located near - or at - the airport, and look out for perks like soundproof windows and extra-comfy beds. This way you can catch a few extra winks, safe in the knowledge that you still have plenty of time to catch your flight. A Park, Sleep and Fly package makes getting to your flight on time even easier, especially if, like at our Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport, you're promised direct access to the terminal via a handy covered bridge.

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