An underwater paradise in Dubai

Everyone dreams of visiting a different world. In the heart of Dubai you can do exactly this. Nothing beats the magic of going underwater and uncovering its many secrets.

In a place where reality seems a far cry away from many other cities across the globe, it is easy to escape further into the great offerings of Dubai.  As with many things in the Emirates, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is built to a unique and large scale, never ceasing to surprise. Where else would you expect to come across one of the world’s largest aquariums, but in the middle of the world’s largest shopping centre?

Dubai Mall and a magical underwater world

Dubai Mall doesn’t just offer the biggest shopping experience in the world. You can actually view the aquarium from the main shopping concourse - a treat in itself. But of course the ultimate way to experience it is to buy a ticket and explore this underwater zoo.

Once you start to explore, you will want to spend the whole day there, making sure not to miss anything. With 33,000 living animals and over 85 vibrant species, plus 400 sharks and rays, you will not be left disappointed. This underwater haven has many highlights, but perhaps the best is one of the world’s largest aquarium tunnels.  As you gaze all around you at the thousands of fish and other sea life swimming at your side and over your head, a stroll through the 270-degree tunnel will take some time. Feel how eerie it is to stand there as the large lurking shadows of sharks swim above you, so close that you can almost reach out and touch them.

Dubai Aquarium is a magical experience for all the family. After the release of the hit movie Finding Nemo, children are much more excited to learn about the world of the ocean. Here you can view many of the species from the film up close.

Take to the water

The tunnel is not the only way to see the aquarium. Why not take the birds-eye view approach on a glass-bottom boat trip in the world’s largest suspended tank. Or for the more adventurous take a snorkelling trip in the same tank in the safety of a cage, separating you from the sea life surrounding you. Take it one level further and dive with the world’s largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks for an experience you will never forget.

Back on dry land

Visit the rocky shores environment back on dry land, home to the Gentoo penguins and otters, and learn all about these curious and fascinating creatures. Then take to the rainforest and follow the tree top canopy or cross the suspension bridge. Here you will find an array of fascinating and peculiar reptiles on display.


There are many activates for families in this modern city, but the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo should be the first on your list. The staff at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Media City are on hand to help you with tickets or booking shows and activities at the aquarium. The sheer scale of the attraction, and the fact that it can be found in the world’s largest shopping centre, makes for a unique and pleasant day out.  Children will be mesmerised by this colourful and varied underwater world where fish come in every shape and size imaginable.


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