Unwind On Your Riyadh Business Trip

If you are visiting Riyadh on business it’s easy to find unique things to do to help you unwind after meetings in the city.

Discover Riyadh

Relax in Riyadh by taking in some of the historical sights and learning more about Islam and Arabian history.

The outstanding National Museum of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh takes visitors through thousands of years of history in the region. Objects on display include models, antiques, manuscripts, artworks, pottery, and artefacts, and are explained in both English and Arabic. Visitors can easily spend several hours exploring this fantastic Saudi Arabia attraction.

Another incredible place to delve into the past in Riyadh is the Masmak Citadel. Built over 150 years ago, the Masmak Citadel was the setting for a major event in Saudi Arabia history. In 1902 the future King Abdulaziz took control of Masmak Citadel, and Riyadh with it. This famous story of bravery makes Masmak Citadel a popular Riyadh attraction. The impressive Masmak Citadel features four high watchtowers, a mosque, well and museum of costumes, weapons and artefacts for visitors to see.

Retail Therapy

Near to Masmak Citadel is Batha Souk, a great place to visit for some bargains if you enjoy retail therapy. You can browse through spice stalls, perfume, clothing, accessories, gadgets, rugs and gold to buy yourself or take home as a present.

Shopping fans can get a taste of modern Riyadh shopping at the new Panorama Mall. Hundreds of different department stores and boutiques have a home in Panorama Mall, as well as a large food court, restaurants and even a theme park.
Kingdom Mall, located in the Kingdom Centre, also offers visitors great shopping, food and entertainment options.

Inspiring Sights

The Kingdom Center is the tallest building in Riyadh, and is a fantastic place to visit for unbeatable Riyadh views.

High-speed elevators take visitors up to the 99th floor of the building, some 300 metres up to the stunning Kingdom Center SkyBridge. This incredible steel structure is an important Saudi Arabia attraction and offers incredible panoramic views of the area. Relax at the end of the day by visiting at dusk, when you will receive inspiring views of the desert sunset.

Explore another side to Riyadh by visiting the famous Wadi Hanifa valley, a short drive from the sophisticated Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh. Stretching many miles, Wadi Hanifa has been beautifully landscaped with palm and desert trees, bushes, herbs and other plants. It features a water channel and offers visitors the opportunity to go fishing, enjoy picnics, explore the parks and relax.

How do you like to unwind on a business trip?

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