Visit Lithuania´s iconic Trakai in Vilnius

Visit the small wooden town of Trakai, home of medieval churches and buildings encircled by several beautiful lakes. Architecture and nature compliment each other perfectly at this highly popular holiday destination.

The area is part of the beautiful Trakai Historical National Park, which includes a historic museum and picturesque island castle. It has become an international symbol of Lithuanian tourism, just like Venice has to Italy and St. Petersburg to Russia. The important iconic area has earned visits from grand guests like Danish Queen Margaret II, Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav and the presidents and ministers of many European countries. It is truly a place worth visiting when in Vilnius, whether you´re in the city for business or pleasure.

A historic ‘must-see’

The fascinating town of Trakai was the capital of ancient Lithuania, with its wooden architecture, medieval castles and magnificent scenery. At the same time, it appears modern, as it has developed over time and is located close to today’s capital city. The many Island and Peninsula Castles shows marks from their former residents, the Lithuanian Grand Dukes. They used the Trakai Castle as a summer residence during the 14th and 15th century. The true historic feel is also brought to this popular site by the country’s numerous knights’ clubs, which organize their tournaments here. This is a unique and entertaining experience not to be missed.

Things to see and learn

Trakai Island Castle

Trakai has much to offer so in order to make the most out of a visit here, join one of the many guided tours and workshops:

- Trakai old town and castles: a guided tour of the old town and most important castles, such as the Peninsular Castle, Island Castle and Trakai Church of the Visitation of the blessed Virgin Mary. Duration: 2 hours.

- Eco-boat trip: an entertaining and educational ride on the lake surrounded by gorgeous views andhistoric buildings from the comfort of a modern, ecological boat. Duration: 1 hour.

- Homemade bread baking workshop: Learn how to bake real Lithuanian bread, in an ethnographic room that holds a collection of ancient household utensils. Duration: approximately 2 hours.

- Rent paddle boats or row boats and explore the lakes yourself.

Trakai is located only 30 minutes by car from the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius. Hotel staff will assist with booking tours and hotel pick up and drop off can also be arranged.

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