Welcome to Rouen, Capital of Normandy


An iconic character

When you visit Rouen, you will no doubt hear about ‘Jeanne d’Arc’, the emblematic and historic figure of the city. The story of Joan of Arc is visible throughout the city from the museum to the ancient market square, central to her story. Whilst discovering the city, visit the Auzou chocolate shop and take home the traditional ‘Larmes de Jeanne d’Arc’ (tears of Joan of Arc) chocolates created to symbolize the city’s history. Stay at Radisson Blu Hotel, Rouen Centre and enjoy a central base to explore.

For history and culture lovers

Rouen, the city of ‘a hundred spires’ as Victor Hugo famously described it, is so called due to its Medieval buildings, including the highest cathedral in France standing over 150m tall. With its rich cultural heritage, it is easy to see why Rouen is named the capital of Normandy.

City secrets

Looking for some of the best spots in the city to see on a day trip and some interesting tales?

1. The ‘Gros Horloge: Take a look at the 14th-century astronomical clock where under the arcade, you will find beautiful carved angels. There is one angel with an upside-down head and legend says that it’s a work of one of the sculptors who considered himself poorly paid and in revenge, made this ‘mistake’.

2. Rue Saint-Romain: Head to this street and if you look closely, you’ll see not much has changed since the Middle Ages – step into history and spot the grooves from carriage wheels still visible in the cobblestones. The half-timbered houses are also perfect to take a snap from your trip.

3. Rue aux Ours: Here you can spot at the bottom of one of the buildings a small plaque showing the height relative to sea level.


Local products – what to eat

The Capital of Normandy is also known for its delicious local produce. Do not leave the city without tasting a few specialties!

1. Teurgoule dessert: a traditional dessert similar to rice pudding, slow-baked

2. Norman cheeses like Camembert or Neufchâtel

3. Apple juice or cider – if you’re a fan, why not visit the nearby cider factory Ponpon.


A day trip from Paris

Only an hour and a half from Paris by car or 1 hour by train, Rouen is an easily accessible destination and the perfect day trip idea. Travel from our two hotels in Paris – Radisson Blu Hotel Paris Boulogne or Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysées, Paris – and select the new Radisson Blu Hotel Rouen Centre as your base to explore Normandy.


Discover other places in Normandy such as the beautiful white cliffs of Etretat or the seaside resorts of Honfleur or Deauville, all within approximately 1 hour’s drive from Rouen. Ask the team at our hotel and they will look forward to guiding your visit to the region. Share your experiences on Social Media with #RadissonBlu and follow us to stay inspired.

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