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If you are planning a trip to Stavanger this summer, make sure you visit some of Norway’s finest beaches. The best thing is they are located just outside of the city. Along the coastline surrounding Stavanger, are the white beaches of Jæren. When visiting these, you might be surprised you are in Norway. Altogether, the beaches cover around 70km of the coastline. And large parts of them are protected due to the fragile and unique nature and landscape.

Orre beach

Norway’s longest sandy beach is Orre beach. Here you will find around five kilometers of grained, white sands, dunes and a landscape filled with a varied plant life. People come here for swimming, sunbathing, watersports and hiking. It is not allowed to camp, ride a bike or pick flowers in the area. Neither is horse riding or motorized traffic permitted as it is protected. Therefore, you can expect a calm and idyllic atmosphere while visiting the beach.

If nature and the great outdoors interests you, walk a few hundred meters from the beach. And visit Friluftshuset, Rogaland’s only customized nature center. Here you can find information about birdlife on Jæren. Or how dunes are made, in addition to which hikes are the best during the summer.

Orrestranda Beach near Stavanger Norway

Sola beach

One of the most known beaches in the area is the 2.3 kilometer long Sola beach. Its perfect location right beside Stavanger airport makes it popular, with easy access from the city center. Being named as Norway’s finest beach by and was the world’s sixth best beach by the British paper, The Sunday Times, it is definitely worth a visit. The beach is shallow, perfect for families with children.

The area is also very popular for wind and watersports. Every year, the Norwegian Championship for windsurfing are arranged here due to the wonderful conditions. Surfing is also very popular and the summer provides smaller waves that are perfect for beginners. Lessons are available year round from Surfschool, so if you would like to give it a try, make sure you book a session.

Bore beach

Bore beach stretches three kilometers along the coast. It is referred to as “Best in Norway for surfing”, providing ideal conditions for surfing and other watersports. Surfschool also offer surfing classes here. The area is another popular place for hiking and horse riding, so there is plenty on offer for a great day out.

Folk nyter sommerværet på Borestranda

This is only a selection of the many beaches along the coast of Stavanger. You are guaranteed to find the perfect one, whether you are looking for a place to swim, sunbath, or participate in watersports or hiking. When you spend the night at Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger, access to the beaches is only 30 minutes away by car or train.

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